Major Topic Index - Courts

Category Bill
Father's Registry SB 2327
Postadoption Communication or Contact Agreements SB 2321
Preference for Foster Home Families HB 1457
Civil Proceedings
Intentional Injuries to Timber SB 2241
Repeal of Statute Relating to Damages for Wrongful Injuries to Timber SB 2241
Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Gross Sexual Imposition, or Childhood Sexual Abuse SB 2282
Time Limitation in Which to Execute a Judgment HB 1291
Criminal Proceedings
Final Disposition of Individuals Who Are Indigent SB 2139
Fines, Fees, and Costs Upon Completion of Adult Drug Court Program HB 1289
Fitness of Defendant to Proceed SB 2046
Mandated Intervention Program for Domestic Violence Offenders HB 1269
Mandatory Prison Terms for Armed Offenders HB 1350
Order for Summary Disposition or Summary Dismissal HB 1087
Presumptive Probation Aggravating Factor of Force HB 1490
Reimbursement for Finding of Self-defense HB 1213
Revoked or Suspended Licenses Upon Successful Completion of Drug Court HB 1280
Sealing of Criminal Records HB 1130
Suspension of Electronic Alcohol Monitoring and Sobriety Breath Testing During Drug Court Program HB 1277
Uniform Bail Schedule Initiative HB 1453
Dogs as a Public Nuisance HB 1364
Domestic Relations
Spousal Support May Not Be Permanent HB 1037
Stalking and Domestic Violence Protection Orders HB 1268
Eminent Domain
Adjudicative Proceedings SB 2209
Assessment of Damages SB 2313
Assessment of Damages Calculation Increased by One-third HB 1384
Cost to Landowners in Adjudicative Proceedings HB 1466
Informal Disposition of an Administrative Proceeding HB 1154
Judicial Branch
Appropriation HB 1002
Compensation of Jurors HB 1002
Meetings Not Open Meetings SB 2047
Prohibition on Intentional Disclosure of Pending Court Decision HB 1059
Referees Abolished SB 2252
Repeal of Statute Creating Judicial Referee SB 2252
Repeal of Statute Relating to Clerk of Court SB 2277
State Indian Child Welfare Act HB 1536
Supreme Court May Award Reasonable Attorneys' Fees HB 1058
Temporary Court of Appeals Extended SB 2045
Transfer of Clerks of Court From Counties to Supreme Court SB 2277
Jurisdiction of Municipal Judge SB 2138
Juvenile Court
Changes to the Juvenile Court Act, Child Welfare, and Child Delinquency Laws HB 1137
Powers of Director HB 1263
Parental Rights
Attend Activities in Which a Parent's Child Is Participating SB 2356
May Not Be Infringed Upon by Government SB 2188
Payment for Production From Wells (1) SB 2374
Possession of a Firearm at a Public Gathering or in a Federal Building or Courthouse HB 1483
Court-authorized Treatment of a Ward SB 2225
Deposit of a Will by the County Recorder SB 2381
Deposit of a Will in Testator's Lifetime SB 2381
Guardianship for a Minor Becoming an Incapacitated Adult SB 2224
Regarding Conservatorships and Emergency Conservatorships SB 2222
Proposed Studies
Municipal Courts SB 2278
State Reimbursement for the Cost of Claims SB 2310
State-tribal Agreements Regarding Alcoholic Beverages Wholesale Tax and Gross Receipts Tax SB 2377
Violent Offenders HB 1122
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