Major Topic Index - Disabled Persons

Category Bill
Applications for Mobility-impaired Parking Certificates SB 2191
Availability of Housing for Individuals With Mobility Impairments or Physical Disabilities SCR 4016
Brain Injury Advisory Council Membership HB 1418
Conservatorships, Guardianships, Directives
Court-authorized Treatment of a Ward SB 2225
Funding for Guardianships HB 1048
Guardianship for a Minor Becoming an Incapacitated Adult SB 2224
Health Care Directive Acceptance of Appointment as Agent SB 2125
Regarding Conservatorships and Emergency Conservatorships SB 2222
Task Force on Guardianship Monitoring to Promote Accountability SB 2345
Cross-disability Advisory Council SB 2335
Cross-disability Advisory Council(1) HB 1035
Home Education of Children With Developmental Disabilities SB 2167
State Aid Calculation for High-cost Students HB 1464
Facility Staff Training for Providers of Community-based Care on Behalf of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities SB 2079
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder SB 2335
Income Tax Credit for Employment of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities HB 1244
Licensure of Assisted Living Facilities SB 2088
Medical Assistance
Dual Special Needs Plan SB 2265
Waiver Services for Extraordinary Care SB 2276
Prohibiting Discrimination in the Organ Transplant Process SB 2302
Proposed Studies
Accessible Transportation for Older Adults and Individuals With Disabilities SCR 4004
All-inclusive Care for the Elderly SCR 4011
Care and Treatment of Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injury HCR 3021
Inpatient Mental Health Care for Children HCR 3017
Public Employees Retirement System Health Benefits for Prosthetic Devices HB 1411
Recreation Services for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities SB 2215
Workers' Compensation Notices of Disability Benefit Reduction SB 2175
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