Major Topic Index - Drugs

Category Bill
Accessibility of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Records SB 2091
Bicycle and Animal Ridden Being Deemed a Vehicle HB 1506
Suspension of Electronic Alcohol Monitoring and Sobriety Breath Testing HB 1277
Certification of Recovery Residences SB 2152
Clinician-administered Drugs SB 2378
Commercial Drivers License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse SB 2112
Comprehensive Medication Management HB 1095
Controlled Substances SB 2093
Criminal Penalties
Fines, Fees, and Costs Upon Completion of Adult Drug Court Program HB 1289
Increased Penalties for Drug Offenses Within Three Hundred Feet of a Public Park HB 1459
Mandatory Term of Imprisonment for Manufacturing or Delivering Fentanyl SB 2248
Revoked or Suspended Licenses Upon Successful Completion of Drug Court HB 1280
Special Penalty for Manufacturing or Delivering Fentanyl SB 2248
Evidence-based Alcohol and Drug Education Programs and Program Certification SB 2086
Extension of Coverage of Insulin Drug and Supply Benefits to All Group and Individual Health Insurance Policies SB 2140
Hemp and Controlled Substances SB 2096
Insurance Coverage of Diabetes Drugs and Supplies SB 2140
Medical Assistance Drug Use Review Board and Prior Authorization SB 2156
Medical Marijuana
Appeal Process for Medical Marijuana SB 2078
Certification and Application Fees SB 2201
Edible Cannabinoid Products HB 1164
Edible Cannabinoid Products(1) HB 1202
Maximum Concentration SB 2068
Reapplication for Registered Identification Cards SB 2388
Self-certification of an Individual Sixty-five Years of Age or Older HB 1478
Opioid Settlement Fund HB 1447
Opioid Settlement Fund (1) SB 2003
Prescription Drug Reference Rate Pilot Program SB 2031
Recovery Residence Registry SB 2152
Repealing the Employee Benefits Programs Committee HB 1539
Residency Requirement for Drug Use Review Board SB 2156
Samples for Dna Testing and Chemical Tests to Determine Alcohol Concentration and Presence of Drugs for Individuals Operating Motor Vehicles HB 1338
Substance Abuse Treatment Program Oversight HB 1050
Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status SB 2274
Prohibiting the Use of Vaccines Developed Using Messenger Ribonucleic Acid in the State SB 2384
Prohibition on Requiring a Vaccination HB 1505
Publication of Vaccine Adverse Event Data HB 1207
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