Major Topic Index - Economic Development

Category Bill
Ability of a County to Contract With an Existing Economic Development Organization to Perform Functions of a Job Development Authority SB 2306
Bulk Propane Storage Tank Revolving Loan Fund SB 2242
Downtown Hospital Building Grant Program and a Rural Workforce Hospital Grant Program SB 2342
Economic Diversification Research Fund Grants HB 1379
Establishment of Livestock Friendly County Designation SB 2373
Highway Logo Sign Program HB 1394
Innovation Fund to Support Technology Advancement HB 1454
North Dakota Development Fund HB 1216
Prohibition on Owning Real Property by a Foreign Adversary SB 2371
Proposed Studies
Strategies to Increase Health Benefits Coverage HCR 3018
Regional Livestock Planning Grants HB 1437
Repeal of Law Addressing Business Incentives and Agreements HB 1215
Repeal of Statute Creating North Dakota Development Fund Small Business Technology Investment Program HB 1216
Residential Partnership in Assisting Community Expansion Fund HB 1499
Rural Workforce Housing Grants HB 1496
Small Business Diversity Revolving Loan Fund HB 1420
Workforce Training Grants for New Americans HB 1421
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