Major Topic Index - Education

Category Bill
Allocation of State Aid Payments for School Safety and Security HB 1337
Alternative Curriculum Outside of a Classroom HB 1521
Authority of a School District to Pay Signing Bonuses HB 1187
Career and Technical Education High School Curriculum HB 1163
Compulsory School Attendance HB 1132
Computer Science and Cybersecurity Instruction HB 1398
Corn Utilization Council Contract Services for Corn Grower Education HB 1153
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Emergency Use Vaccines for Students HB 1200
Curriculum and Teaching Material Regarding Critical Race Theory, Health, History, and Social and Emotional Learning HB 1526
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation - Job Shadowing HB 1066
Dyslexia Screening and Intervention HB 1231
Establishing a Dyslexia Voucher Program HB 1306
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder SB 2335
Distance and Virtual Education
Administration of the Center for Distance Education SB 2269
Distance Education Courses HB 1019
Services Provided by the Center for Distance Education for Kindergarten, High School, and Post Secondary Students HB 1156
Virtual Area and Career and Technology Center HB 1348
Virtual Instruction of Military-connected Students HB 1132
Virtual Instruction of Students and Open Enrollment HB 1376
Educational Professional Development and Youth Behavioral Professional Development HB 1386
Gender and Sex
Growth and Development and Humanity Sexuality Curriculum HB 1265
Preferred Pronoun Discriminatory Practices and School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Grants for Free Lunch HB 1491
Higher Education
Divisive Concepts at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Free Tuition for Dependents of Disabled Veterans or Veterans Killed in Action HB 1196
Postsecondary Career School Education Accreditation Standards SB 2145
Specified Concept at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Information Technology Services Provided to Tribal Institutions of Education SB 2073
Interim Assessment of Students SB 2028
Investment of the Common Schools Trust Fund HB 1400
Limiting Compensation for School District Superintendents HB 1251
Membership, Spending Authority, and Funding for Educational Coordination Council HB 1123
Obscenity Control SB 2360
Parental Rights
Fundamental Parental Rights in Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
Involvement in School, Curbing Social Emotional Learning, Reproductive Health Education HB 1526
Parental Involvement in Education SB 2260
Proposed Studies
High School Activities Association's Impact on Students HB 1149
Providing Administrative Cost-sharing Reimbursements to Eligible Cooperating School Districts and Special Education Units in the State SB 2380
Required School Counselors - Allow School District to Contract for Services SB 2340
Residency Requirements for Military Installation School Board Members SB 2223
Incorporating Additional and Different Requirements for Eligibility for the North Dakota Scholarship HB 1305
North Dakota Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Career and Technical Education Scholarship HB 1451
Registered Apprenticeship Program Participants HB 1382
School Collection of Data on Minors SB 2188
Special Education Permit Issued to Qualified Applicants HB 1304
State Aid Baseline Funding Calculation SB 2284
State Aid Weighted Average Daily Membership HB 1349
State Aid Weighting Factors for Rural Schools SB 2328
State Board of Public School Education Membership Based on Legislative Districts SB 2284
Supporting Professional Learning Related to the Science Behind Reading and Implementing Systematic Direct Literacy Instruction SB 2284
Authorization to Levy Property Tax for Funding of Public School Primary and Secondary Education SCR 4020
Property Tax Credit for Qualified Parents of School-aged Children Who Attend a Nonpublic School or Home Education Program SB 2369
Tax Credit for Charitable Gifts to Provide a Scholarship HB 1343
Expansion of the Teacher Support Program SB 2250
Lifetime Teaching License Reduction in Required Years HB 1329
Pilot Program to Provide Stipends for Teachers Who Teach a Foreign Language SB 2354
Qualification for Permits in Specialty Areas SB 2070
Teachers' Fund for Retirement Board Authority and Benefits HB 1219
Workforce Education Innovation Program HB 1241
Workforce Training Center Funding Distribution SB 2122
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