Major Topic Index - Higher Education

Category Bill
Back to School Grants HB 1470
High-demand Certificates Scholarships HB 1032
Maintenance of the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University HB 1525
Matching Grants for the Advancement of Academics at Institutions of Higher Education HB 1033
Audit Fees of Institutions of Higher Education Under the Control of the State Board of Higher Education HB 1508
Authority to Deposit Money Into Student Organization Accounts HB 1392
Capital Projects
Use of the University System Capital Building Fund HB 1034
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Emergency Use Vaccines for Students HB 1200
Digital or Online Library Database Safety Policies SB 2360
Divisive Concepts at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Economic Diversification Research Fund Grants HB 1379
False Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination HB 1256
Gender and Sex
Requiring Institutions of Higher Education Designating Athletic Teams and Sports for Male, Female, or Coed Participation and Limitations on Use of Government Property HB 1489
Restrooms and Showers Exclusively for Males or Females HB 1473
Maintenance of the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University HB 1525
Membership of Area Career and Technology Center Boards HB 1178
Nursing Program Matching Grants SB 2288
Paraprofessional-to-teacher Grants SB 2032
Parent Rights and Involvement in School, Curbing of Social Emotional Learning, Required Curriculum, and Review of Instructional Material HB 1526
Pilot Program for Tenured Faculty Review at Institutions of Higher Education HB 1446
Prohibiting Institutions of Higher Education From Waiving Application Fees Based on Certain Characteristics of the Applicant HB 1531
Records of a Public Entity Governing Body - Board of Higher Education SB 2343
Academic and Career and Technical Education Scholarships HB 1030
Correctional Officer Includes Peace Officer for Free Tuition Program for Survivor of Peace Officer SB 2130
Definition of a Dependent of a Veteran for Purposes of Free Tuition HB 1212
Dual-credit Tuition HB 1030
Free Tuition for Dependents of Disabled Veterans or Veterans Killed in Action HB 1196
Indian Scholarships HB 1030
North Dakota Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Career and Technical Education Scholarship HB 1451
Re-energize North Dakota Scholarship SB 2197
Skilled Workforce Student Loan Repayment and Scholarships HB 1030
Student Financial Assistance Grants HB 1031
Specified Concept at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
State Energy Research Center SB 2161
Workforce Education Innovation Program HB 1241
Working Papers of Higher Education Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers HB 1226
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