Major Topic Index - Legislative Assembly

Category Bill
Legislator Education Training Accounts HB 1395
Campaign Contribution Limitations and Disclosure Statements SB 2315
Confirmation of Executive Director of Department of Health and Human Services SB 2262
Conflicts of Interest Rules HB 1485
Employment Positions and Fixing Compensation HCR 3003
Giving Hearts Day HCR 3016
House Member Memorial Resolution HMR 7001
Issuance of Opinions Requested by Individual Members of the Legislative Assembly SB 2208
Legislative Management
Bill Introduction Privilege for Agencies, Legislative Management, and Supreme Court HB 1285
Representation HB 1311
Terms of Chairman HB 1313
Legislative Sessions
Annual Sessions SB 2333
Annual Sessions (1) HCR 3020
Extended Session of the Legislative Assembly to One Hundred Days HCR 3020
Require Governor to Call a Special Session of the Legislative Assembly HCR 3005
Legislative Voting Requirements HB 1463
Legislator Education Training Accounts HB 1395
Limitation on Growth of State Budget HB 1179
Measures Must Show Text of Repealed Law HB 1432
Children's Cabinet SB 2034
Children's Cabinet (1) SB 2159
Clean Sustainable Energy Authority SB 2165
Food Insecurity Task Force HB 1471
Legacy Projects Advisory Board HB 1379
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging Advisory Committee HB 1399
Public Employees Retirement Board SB 2164
Public Employees Retirement Board (1) HB 1321
Workforce Education Innovation Program HB 1241
Placement of Applicant's Name on the Ballot Designation of Position Sought HB 1204
Political Committee Organizations HB 1523
Attorney General Report on Use and Effectiveness of Back the Blue Grants HB 1307
Chronically Low-performing School or School District SB 2254
Classroom Clearings and Hallway Clearings SB 2351
Domestic Violence Forensic Medical Examinations SB 2202
Expenditures Made in Support of Opposition to Legislative Candidates HB 1441
Forensic Nurse Examiners Grant Program SB 2003
Industrial Commission Lignite Research, Development, and Marketing Program HB 1014
Law Enforcement Resiliency Grant Program Funds SB 2003
Organizations That Receive Law Enforcement Resiliency Grants SB 2213
Securities Department Funding of Technology Enhancements SB 2011
Superintendent of Public Instruction Report on Education Reimbursement Program HB 1532
Rescind Extant Applications by Legislative Assembly to Call a Constitutional Convention SCR 4012
Residential Rental Advisory Committee HB 1535
Senate Member Memorial Resolution SMR 8001
Sports Betting Task Force SB 2358
State Agricultural Foreign Investment Review Board HB 1356
State Poet Laureate SB 2338
Term Limits
Impact of Term Limits on the Legislative Assembly SB 2192
Members of Legislative Assembly and Statewide Elected Officers HCR 3019
Wild and Scenic River Designation SB 2097
Written Opinions to a Members of the Legislative Assembly HB 1444
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