Major Topic Index - Open Records

Category Bill
Closed Records
Disciplinary Proceedings of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners HB 1517
Confidential Records
Access to Death Records HB 1481
Availability of Pollbook and Voter Lists and Reports SB 2386
Defendant's Contact Information SB 2216
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Case History, Medical, Psychological, or Treatment Records SB 2091
Department of Veterans' Affairs Access to Death Records Relating to Suicide HB 1326
Lottery Sales Data HB 1115
Rights of a Sexual Assault Survivor HB 1518
State Board of Chiropractic Examiners Records HB 1105
Working Papers of Higher Education Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers HB 1226
Exempt Records
Crime Scene Images of Minors SB 2232
Ground Water Monitoring Records SB 2074
Public Utilities Commission Records HB 1067
Records of Water District Boards Regarding Smaller Subsurface Water Management Systems HB 1239
Review of State Data HB 1528
Father's Adoption Registry SB 2327
Identification of Individual Requesting Record HB 1198
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit HB 1434
Publication of Legal Notices by Newspapers HB 1197
Public Employee Personnel Documents HB 1442
Records of a Public Entity Governing Body - Board of Higher Education SB 2343
Request for Attorney General Opinion SB 2232
Student Disciplinary Record Exempt Record SB 2099
Water Resource Board Minutes HB 1391
Water Resource Board Minutes and Maintenance of an Assessment Drain HB 1391
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