Major Topic Index - Resolutions

Category Bill
Constitutional Amendment
Annual Sessions of the Legislative Assembly HCR 3020
Authorization to Levy Property Tax for Funding of Public School Primary and Secondary Education SCR 4020
Authorize Sports Betting HCR 3002
Constitutional Amendment Limiting Property Tax Levies, Limiting General Obligation Bonds, and Replacing Lost Property Tax Revenue Through Increased Sales Tax HCR 3024
Electronic Signature Gathering System for Proposed Measures HCR 3031
Extended Session of the Legislative Assembly to One Hundred Days HCR 3020
How to Count Votes on an Initiated Constitutional Measure HCR 3031
Impose a State Property Tax Levy of One Mill for Support of the State Medical Center at the University of North Dakota SCR 4019
Limiting Property Tax Levies, Limiting General Obligation Bonds, and Permitting Transfer Tax on Real Property HCR 3024
Portion of Payments Related to Intellectual Property Developed Using Legacy Fund Earnings HCR 3033
Process for Approving Constitutional Amendments SCR 4013
Proposed Constitutional Amendment Petition Signature Verification by Signature Gatherer HCR 3031
Require Governor to Call a Special Session of the Legislative Assembly HCR 3005
Search and Seizure Protections SCR 4006
Single Subject for Initiated Measures and Constitutional Amendments HCR 3031
Terminology Describing Public Institutions SCR 4001
Term Limits for Members of Legislative Assembly and Statewide Elected Officers HCR 3019
Threshold for Ballot Measures HCR 3031
Transfer of Earnings From the Legacy Fund and Definition of Earnings HCR 3033
House Concurrent
Commemorate Anniversary of End of the United States Combat Operations in Vietnam HCR 3007
Congress Urged to Provide for Inclusion of Names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall HCR 3008
Congress Urged to Recognize Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy as Environmentally Sustainable Economic Activities HCR 3015
Congress Urged to Refrain From Enacting Regulations Threatening Electric Power HCR 3013
Congress Urged to Support Policies to Increase Oil Refining Capacity HCR 3006
Creation of a Sports and Gaming Commission HCR 3032
Encourage Purchase of Flags Made Out of Hemp and Manufactured in North Dakota HCR 3004
Giving Hearts Day HCR 3016
House and Senate Employment Positions and Fixing Compensation HCR 3003
Insurance Commissioner Urged to Change Essential Health Benchmark Plan HCR 3011
Legislative Hearings on Block Grants HCR 3001
Miner's Day HCR 3013
North Dakota Share the Road Safety Week HCR 3009
Public Schools and Public Entities Urged to Distinguish Between Sexes According to Biological Sex HCR 3010
Recognize Constitutional Duty of Congress to Declare War HCR 3012
Southwest Power Pool and Midcontinent Independent System Operator Urged to Take Actions to Maintain Reliability of Bulk Power System HCR 3014
Study Admission to the Bar by Diploma Privilege HCR 3023
Study Ambient Air Quality Monitoring on Fort Berthold Reservation HCR 3029
Study Care and Treatment of Individuals With Traumatic Brain Injury HCR 3021
Study Consolidation of Administration of Racing, Sports, and Gaming Into a Single Office HCR 3032
Study Environmental Impact of Oil Drilling Within the Fort Berthold Reservation HCR 3028
Study Homelessness and Barriers to Housing HCR 3030
Study Housing of Supreme Court HCR 3025
Study Inpatient Mental Health Care for Children HCR 3017
Study of Relocating State Library HCR 3025
Study Proper Spectator Conduct at School Events HCR 3022
Study Re-entry Outcomes for Incarcerated Adults and Youth HCR 3026
Study Safety of Certain State Highways HCR 3027
Study Strategies to Increase Health Benefits Coverage HCR 3018
Study Sustainable Energy Policies HCR 3034
House Memorial
House Member Memorial Resolution HMR 7001
Senate Concurrent
Congratulating University of Jamestown Women's Volleyball Team SCR 4003
Congress and United States Mint Urged to Issue Coins Commemorating Theodore Roosevelt SCR 4005
Designating Winchester Model 1876 as North Dakota's State Firearm SCR 4010
Environmental Protection Agency Urged to Reinstate Memorandum SCR 4017
Poet Laureate SCR 4002
Postmaster General Urged to Issue Postage Stamp Commemorating Theodore Roosevelt SCR 4008
Recognize Anniversary of the Ratification of the Good Friday Agreement SCR 4015
Rescind Extant Applications by Legislative Assembly to Call a Constitutional Convention SCR 4012
Secretary of Interior and National Park Service Urged to Modify Proposed Livestock Management Plan in Theodore Roosevelt National Park SCR 4014
Study Accessible Transportation in the State for Older Adults and Individuals With Disabilities SCR 4004
Study Formation of a Search and Rescue Volunteer Association SCR 4007
Study Health Insurance Coverage for Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Examinations SCR 4009
Study Housing for Individuals With Mobility Impairments or Physical Disabilities SCR 4016
Study Implementing a Paid Family Leave Program SCR 4018
Study Program of All Inclusive Care for Elderly SCR 4011
Senate Memorial
Senate Member Memorial Resolution SMR 8001
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