Major Topic Index - School Districts

Category Bill
Administrative Cost-sharing for Cooperating Districts and Special Education Units SB 2380
Authority of School District to Pay Signing Bonuses HB 1187
Bonds for Future Maintenance and Repair Expenditures SB 2144
Career and Technology Education
Alternative Curriculum Outside of a Classroom HB 1521
Membership to Career and Technology Center Boards HB 1178
Services Provided by the Center for Distance Education HB 1156
Virtual Area and Career and Technology Center HB 1348
Chronically Low-performing School or School District SB 2254
Coal Development Trust Fund for School Construction Projects Affected by Unanticipated Construction Inflation HB 1185
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Emergency Use Vaccines HB 1200
Critical Race Theory, Health, History, and Social and Emotional Learning HB 1526
Growth and Development and Humanity Sexuality HB 1265
Optional High School Curriculum HB 1131
Educational Professional Development and Youth Behavioral Professional Development HB 1386
Campaign Contribution Statements HB 1116
Campaign Contribution Statements for Candidates Seeking a School District Office HB 1257
Repeal Chapter Relating to Mail Ballots SB 2308
Home Education SB 2167
Interim Assessment of Students SB 2028
Limiting Compensation for School District Superintendents HB 1251
Notification of School District Failure to Pay HB 1125
Obscenity Control SB 2360
Parental Rights
Attend Activities in Which a Parent's Child Is Participating SB 2356
Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
Involvement in Education SB 2260
Permission for a Student to Participate in Extracurricular Activities and Clubs HB 1488
School District Notifications SB 2188
Preliminary Budgets of Political Subdivisions HB 1367
Prohibition on a State Entity From Employing an Individual Under Contract With a School District HB 1201
Proposed Studies
Implementation of Parameters for School District Ending Fund Balances HB 1238
Providing Administrative Cost-sharing Reimbursements to Eligible Cooperating School Districts and Special Education Units in the State SB 2380
Public Schools and Public Entities Urged to Distinguish Between Sexes According to Biological Sex HCR 3010
Recording, Publishing, and Archiving School District Board Meetings HB 1270
Required School Counselors SB 2340
School Collection of Data on Minors SB 2188
School Lunches
Grants for Free Lunch HB 1491
Grants for Meals for Students at or Below Two Hundred Percent of Federal Poverty Level HB 1491
School Meal Policies HB 1494
Short-term Contracts With a School District HB 1259
State Aid
Allocation of Payments for School Safety and Security HB 1337
Calculation for High-cost Students HB 1464
Calculation of Payments HB 1461
Payments SB 2066
Payments and School District Credit Enhancement Program HB 1125
Weighted Average Daily Membership HB 1349
Weighting Factors for Rural Schools SB 2328
Levy Authority Without Voter Approval for Aging School Buildings HB 1300
Primary Residence Property Tax Relief Credit SB 2309
Property Tax Credit for Qualified Parents of School-aged Children Who Attend a Nonpublic School or Home Education Program SB 2369
Requirements for Political Subdivisions Granting Property Tax Incentives HB 1495
Valuation of Agricultural, Commercial, and Centrally Assessed Property in a School District SB 2346
Expansion of the Teacher Support Program SB 2250
Financial Incentive to Recruit Licensed Teachers SB 2270
Probationary Evaluations and Contracts SB 2284
Retired Benefits in Critical Shortage Area SB 2258
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