Major Topic Index - Students

Category Bill
Administration of the Center for Distance Education SB 2269
Administrative Cost-sharing for Cooperating Districts and Special Education Units SB 2380
Authority to Deposit Money Into Student Organization Accounts HB 1392
Carrying a Concealed Firearm on College Campus HB 1404
Compulsory School Attendance HB 1132
Computer Science and Cybersecurity Instruction HB 1398
Data Collection System for Classroom and Hallway Clearings SB 2351
Disciplinary Record Exempt Record SB 2099
Distance Education Courses HB 1019
Divisive Concepts at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Dyslexia Screening and Intervention HB 1231
Gender and Sex
Preferred Pronoun Discriminatory Practices and School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Prohibition on Providing Accommodations to a Transgender Student HB 1522
School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Urge Public Schools and Public Entities Distinguish Between Sexes According to Biological Sex HCR 3010
Grants and Programs
Back to School Grants HB 1470
Educational Reimbursement Program HB 1532
Grants for Free Lunch HB 1491
Grants for Meals for Students at or Below Two Hundred Percent of Federal Poverty Level HB 1491
National Guard Expansion of Tuition Grants SB 2094
Growth and Development and Humanity Sexuality Curriculum HB 1265
High School Requirements HB 1163
Home Education of Children With Developmental Disabilities SB 2167
Interim Assessment of Students SB 2028
Limitations on Tuition Rate Increases HB 1003
Online Virtual Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Training HB 1312
Optional High School Curriculum HB 1131
Parental Right to Attend Activities in Which a Parent's Child Is Participating SB 2356
Permission for a Student to Participate in Extracurricular Activities and Clubs HB 1488
Prohibiting Institutions of Higher Education From Waiving Application Fees Based on Certain Characteristics of the Applicant HB 1531
Proposed Studies
High School Activities Association's Impact on Students HB 1149
Proper Spectator Conduct at School Events HCR 3022
Restrooms and Showers Exclusively for Males or Females HB 1473
Correctional Officer Includes Peace Officer for Free Tuition Program for Survivor of Peace Officer SB 2130
Incorporating Additional and Different Requirements for the North Dakota Scholarship HB 1305
North Dakota Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Career and Technical Education Scholarship HB 1451
Re-energize North Dakota Scholarship SB 2197
Skilled Workforce Student Loan Repayment and Skilled Workforce Scholarships HB 1240
School Meal Policies HB 1494
Services Provided by the Center for Distance Education HB 1156
State Aid Calculation for High-cost Students HB 1464
State Aid Weighting Factors for Rural Schools SB 2328
Income Tax Credit for Qualified Compensation Paid to an Apprentice HB 1383
Property Tax Credit for Qualified Parents of School-aged Children Who Attend a Nonpublic School or Home Education Program SB 2369
Virtual Instruction of Military-connected Students HB 1132
Virtual Instruction of Students and Open Enrollment HB 1376
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