Major Topic Index - Tax Commissioner

Category Bill
988 Crisis Hotline SB 2149
Annual Salary SB 2006
Appropriations SB 2006
Income Tax
Alcoholic Beverage Credit for Qualified Microbrew Pubs and Brewer Taproom Licenses for Barley Purchases and a Credit for Qualified Brewers for Barley Purchases HB 1504
Credit for Purchases of Manufacturing Machinery HB 1168
Credit for Qualified Compensation Paid to an Apprentice HB 1383
Flat Income Rate HB 1158
Income Limitations in Lieu of Statutory Limitations HB 1211
Primary Residence Credit SB 2357
Rate Reduction Based on General Fund Revenues HB 1425
Resident Credit HB 1118
Tax Credit for Charitable Gifts HB 1343
Local Revenue Loss Reimbursement Fund SB 2334
Oil Extraction Tax
Exemption on Production From Restimulation Well HB 1427
Tax Rate Reduction on Production From a Restimulation Well HB 1427
Permits and Licensing
Brewer Taproom Event Permits HB 1449
Domestic Distillery License HB 1449
Licensing Requirements and the Sale of Electronic Smoking Devices HB 1412
Microbrew Pub and Brewer Tap Licenses SB 2319
Property Tax
Communication of Levies With Public HB 1119
Homestead Tax Credit SB 2136
Optional Freeze for Seniors SB 2177
Primary Residence Relief Credit SB 2309
Primary Residence Valuation Freeze SB 2361
Senior Citizens Credit HB 1379
Proposed Studies
Electronic Vehicle Charging Tax HB 1081
Property Tax Transparency HB 1245
Foreign Influence Tax HB 1452
Transportation Funding and Expenditures SB 2044
Sales and Use Tax
Exemption for Certain Sales Made to Senior Citizen Organizations HB 1210
Exemption for Materials Used in Research and Development of Bioscience and Biotechnology in Health Care Industry HB 1455
Materials Used in Research and Development of Bioscience and Biotechnology HB 1455
Materials Used to Construct or Expand a Coal Processing Facility That Utilizes Coal as a Feedstock HB 1511
Renewable Feedstock Refinery Exemption HB 1430
Terms of Elected State Officers HB 1235
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