North Dakota Century Code

Title 12

Corrections, Parole, and Probation

Chapter Section Listing Chapter Name
12-01 NA Definition, Classification, Application [Repealed]
12-02 NA Parties [Repealed]
12-03 NA Conspiracy [Repealed]
12-04 NA Attempt to Commit Crime [Repealed]
12-05 NA Defenses [Repealed]
12-06 NA Punishments [Repealed]
12-07 NA Treason, Misprision of Treason, and Desecration of the Flag [Repealed]
12-08 NA Offenses by and Against Executive and Administrative Officers [Repealed]
12-09 NA Offenses Against the Legislative Power [Repealed]
12-10 NA Offenses Against Public Property and Revenue [Repealed]
12-11 NA Offenses Against the Elective Franchise [Repealed]
12-12 NA Bribery and Misconduct of Judicial Officers [Repealed]
12-13 NA Offenses Involving Judicial and Public Records [Repealed]
12-14 NA Perjury and Subornation of Perjury [Repealed]
12-15 NA Falsifying, Destroying, or Suppressing Evidence [Repealed]
12-16 NA Rescues, Escapes, and Aiding Therein [Repealed]
12-17 NA Miscellaneous Offenses Against Public Justice [Repealed]
12-18 NA Offenses Against the Public Safety [Repealed]
12-19 NA Offenses Against the Public Peace and Suppression Thereof [Repealed]
12-20 NA Dueling [Repealed]
12-21 NA Offenses Against Religion and Conscience [Repealed]
12-21.1 NA Sunday Business and Labor Prohibitions [Repealed]
12-22 NA Offenses Against Public Decency and Morals [Repealed]
12-23 NA Gambling [Repealed]
12-24 NA Lotteries [Repealed]
12-25 NA Abortion - Concealing Death of Child [Repealed]
12-26 NA Assault and Battery [Repealed]
12-27 NA Homicide [Repealed]
12-28 NA Libel and Slander [Repealed]
12-29 NA Maiming [Repealed]
12-30 NA Rape and Carnal Abuse [Repealed]
12-31 NA Robbery [Repealed]
12-32 NA Seduction and Abduction [Repealed]
12-33 NA Suicide [Repealed]
12-34 NA Arson [Repealed]
12-35 NA Burglary and Housebreaking [Repealed]
12-36 NA Embezzlement [Repealed]
12-37 NA Extortion [Repealed]
12-38 NA False Personations and Cheats - Swindling [Repealed]
12-39 NA Forgery and Counterfeiting [Repealed]
12-40 NA Larceny [Repealed]
12-41 NA Malicious Offenses Against Property [Repealed]
12-42 NA Miscellaneous Offenses [Repealed]
12-43 NA Sale of Tobacco and Contraceptives [Repealed]
12-44 NA County Jails and Workhouses [Repealed]
12-44.1 12-44.1 Sections Jails and Regional Correction Centers
12-45 12-45 Sections Death of Inmates
12-46 12-46 Sections North Dakota Youth Correctional Center
12-47 12-47 Sections The Penitentiary
12-48 12-48 Sections Employment of Inmates of the Penitentiary
12-48.1 12-48.1 Sections Work Release Programs
12-49 NA Penitentiary Twine and Cordage Plant [Repealed]
12-50 NA The Death Sentence and Execution Thereof [Repealed]
12-51 NA Missouri River Correctional Center [Repealed]
12-52 12-52 Sections Aftercare Program for Youth Correctional Center
12-53 NA Suspended Sentence [Repealed]
12-54 NA Diminution of Sentence to the Penitentiary for Good Conduct [Repealed]
12-54.1 12-54.1 Sections Sentence Reduction for Good or Meritorious Conduct
12-55 NA Reprieve, Commutation, Pardon, and Parole [Repealed]
12-55.1 12-55.1 Sections Pardon Advisory Board
12-56 NA Out-of-State Parolee Supervision [Repealed]
12-56.1 NA Interstate Parolees and Probationers [Repealed]
12-57 NA Relief for Wrongful Imprisonment [Repealed]
12-58 NA Criminal Identification [Repealed]
12-59 12-59 Sections Parole
12-60 12-60 Sections Bureau of Criminal Investigation
12-60.1 12-60.1 Sections Sealing Criminal Records
12-61 NA Combined Law Enforcement Council [Repealed]
12-62 12-62 Sections Criminal Justice Training and Statistics Division
12-63 12-63 Sections Peace Officer Standards, Training, and Licensing
12-64 NA Procedures for Handling Domestic Violence [Repealed]
12-65 12-65 Sections Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision
12-66 12-66 Sections Interstate Compact for Juveniles
12-67 12-67 Sections Home Detention and Monitoring for Certain Offenders
12-68 12-68 Sections Missing Person Reports