Legislative Procedure and Arrangements Committee

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Legislative Procedure and Arrangements Committee

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September 13, 2018 - 2:15 pm to 4:30 pm CDT

Committee Memorandums

Committee Studies and Assignments

Determine when the Agriculture Commissioner must submit a biennial report to a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and Senate Agriculture Committees on the status of the pesticide container disposal program (NDCC § 4.1-36-04)

Determine when agricultural commodity promotion groups must report to the standing Agriculture Committees (NDCC § 4.1-44-04)

Determine contents of contracts for printing of legislative bills, resolutions, journals, and Session Laws (NDCC § 46-02-05)

Establish guidelines on maximum reimbursement of legislators sharing lodging during a legislative session (NDCC § 54-03-20)

Determine the fee payable by legislators for use of personal computers (NDCC § 54-03-26)

Establish policy under which a legislator may purchase the computer used by that legislator upon replacement of the computer by the Legislative Council (NDCC § 54-03-26)

Establish guidelines defining reasonable and appropriate use of state telephones by legislative branch personnel (NDCC § 54-06-26)

Establish guidelines for use of legislative chambers and displays in Memorial Hall (NDCC § 54-35-02)

Determine access to legislative information services and impose fees for providing legislative information services and copies of legislative documents (NDCC § 54-35-02)

As the Legislative Ethics Committee, consider or prepare a legislative code of ethics (NDCC § 54-35-02.8)

Make arrangements for legislative session (NDCC § 54-35-11)

Determine the standing committees that will receive the report from the Commissioner of Commerce on the Department of Commerce's goals and objectives, its long-term goals and objectives, and on commerce benchmarks (NDCC § 54-60-03)

Administer appropriation for legislative wing equipment and improvements (2009 S.L., ch. 29, § 5)

Administer appropriation for legislative committee room renovations and improvements (2011 S.L., ch. 1, § 6)

Review legislative rules