Major Topic Index - Occupations and Professions

Category Bill
Fees Chargeable by Abstracters SB 2320
Administrative Hearings and Regulation of Practice and Licensure SB 2061
Licensing and Administrative Hearings SB 2061
Membership of the State Board of Architecture and Landscape Architecture HB 1465
Rural Attorney Recruit Program SB 2267
Study Admission to the Bar by Diploma Privilege HCR 3023
Auctioneers and Clerks
Repeal of Licensure HB 1191
Regulation and Disciplinary Hearings HB 1112
Disciplinary Proceedings SB 2064
Disciplinary Proceedings of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners HB 1517
Disciplinary Records HB 1105
Licensing Exceptions SB 2207
Corporate Practice of Medicine by Nonprofit Entities or Charitable Trusts SB 2148
Counseling Compact SB 2187
Electrical Inspections HB 1180
Engineers and Land Surveyors
Registrations and Regulation HB 1104
Health Care
Community Health Workers HB 1029
Professional Student Loan Repayment Program SB 2344
Training of Coroner and Medical Personnel HB 1481
Health Care Providers
Crime for Gender Transitioning Procedures on a Minor HB 1301
Crime for Practices Regarding Perception of Sex HB 1254
Crime of Sexual Reproductive Imposition HB 1140
Freedom to Join Health Insurance Networks HB 1416
Insurance Coverage of Telehealth SB 2160
Licensing of Foreign Practitioners HB 1372
Parental Consent for Minors' Health Care Services SB 2188
Professional Student Loan Repayment SB 2287
Professional Transparency HB 1221
Repeal Statute Relating to Licensing and Discipline of Physicians and Physician Assistants SB 2115
Simple Assault Against a Medical Professional HB 1121
Income Tax Credit for Qualified Compensation Paid to an Apprentice HB 1383
Licensing of Limited Lines Travel Insurance Producers SB 2173
Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect HB 1144
Massage Therapists
Licensure HB 1128
Membership of the Board of Directors for North Dakota One-call HB 1407
Motor Vehicle Dealer Licenses SB 2193
Regulation of Practice of Naturopathic Medicine SB 2221
Alternative Discipline Program SB 2114
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program SB 2287
Moratorium on Contract Nursing Services HB 1476
Nursing Program Matching Grants SB 2288
Occupational and Professional Boards SB 2180
Making Prescriptions Available HB 1482
Peace Officers
Reserve Peach Officer Licenses HB 1203
Training, Data Collection, and Reporting of Bias Crimes HB 1537
Controlled Substances SB 2093
Clinician-administered Drugs SB 2378
Physical Therapists
Applications for Mobility-impaired Parking Certificates SB 2191
Discipline SB 2115
Physician Health Program SB 2098
Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact SB 2205
Real Estate
Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board HB 1107
Appraiser Qualifications and Ethics Board, Appraisal Management Companies HB 1106
Broker Scope of Practice HB 1190
Wholesale Buyers and Sellers HB 1190
Licensure of Reflexologists SB 2065
Registered Service Company Permit Fees HB 1096
Scrap Metal Dealers SB 2174
Social Workers
Licensure Requirements SB 2203
Treatment for Sexual Orientation HB 1332
State Minimum Wage HB 1507
Continuing Education Credits Toward Teacher License Renewal HB 1386
Educational Professional Development and Youth Behavioral Professional Development HB 1386
Lifetime Teaching License HB 1329
Paraprofessional-to-teacher Grants SB 2032
Wastewater Treatment System Installers SB 2253
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