Major Topic Index - Political Subdivisions

Category Bill
Agriculture Diversification and Development Fund HB 1276
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund Grants HB 1379
Assumption of Liability of a Railroad Company HB 1252
Audit Fees of Political Subdivisions HB 1508
Auditing of Rural Fire District Funds SB 2133
Audits After the Certification of an Election HB 1467
Audits of State Agencies, Reports, Financial Audits, Petitions SB 2180
Autocycles and Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol HB 1316
Burn Restriction Established by a Local Order HB 1053
Connection or Reconnection of Utility Services HB 1234
Cooperative Purchasing Pursuant to a Joint Powers Agreement SB 2370
Core Functions of Public Health Units SB 2153
Cost Limitations for County Bridge HB 1127
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Emergency Use Vaccines HB 1200
Delivery Network Companies HB 1440
Dogs as a Public Nuisance HB 1364
Duties of Township Officials HB 1236
Duty of Final Disposition HB 1363
Effect of State Law on City or County Ordinances and Limits on City Fines and Penalties HB 1325
Analysis After the Certification of an Election SB 2339
City Commissioners, City Council Members, and Park District Commissioners HB 1293
Electronic Voting Devices and Electronic Voting Systems HB 1317
Electronic Voting Systems, Devices, Absentee Voting, and Canvassing Boards HB 1192
Form of the Primary Ballot SB 2280
Offenses and Election Observers SB 2292
Prohibition of Drop Boxes as Lawful Places of Deposit for Absent Voters' Ballots and Mail Ballots HB 1314
Prohibition of Ranked Choice Voting HB 1273
Prohibition of Ranked Choice Voting and Approval Voting HB 1273
Prohibition of Ranked-choice Voting in Elections HB 1319
Random Audits After Certification SB 2339
Repeal Chapter Relating to Mail Ballot SB 2308
Vote Centers, Pollbooks, and Absentee Votes HB 1405
Electrical Inspections HB 1180
Establishment of Livestock Friendly County Designation SB 2373
Event Permits for Microbrew Pubs, Domestic Wineries, Domestic Distilleries, and Brewer Taproom Licenses HB 1449
Fee for Administrative and Operational Maintenance Costs of the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network HB 1242
Final Disposition of Individuals Who Are Indigent SB 2139
Foreign Investment in North Dakota HB 1356
Foster Home for Adults Zoning Areas HB 1049
Freedom to Exercise Religion HB 1136
Approval for a Gaming Site Authorization HB 1296
Licenses for Alcoholic Beverage Establishments and Bingo Halls SB 2304
Raffle or Sports Pool Local Permits SB 2154
Site Number Limits, Electronic Pull Tab Devices Limits, and License Fees HB 1497
Illegal Aliens and Private Employment HB 1527
Insurance Policies for Debris Removal HB 1373
Job Development Authorities SB 2306
Jurisdiction of Municipal Judge SB 2138
Living Wage Mandates HB 1472
Membership of the Board of Directors for North Dakota One-call HB 1407
Model Zoning Ordinance for Animal Feeding Operations HB 1423
Multipassenger Bicycles and Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol HB 1316
Natural Gas in New Construction HB 1124
Notices Triggering Zoning Inspections When Assessments Are Conducted and Building Permits Are Issued HB 1422
Opioid Settlement Advisory Committee HB 1447
Parental Rights
Fundamental Parental Rights in Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
Parental Rights May Not Be Infringed Upon by Government SB 2188
Prohibition on Interference With Parental Rights HB 1403
Peace Officers
Acting Outside Jurisdiction SB 2286
Appreciation Grant Program HB 1184
Law Enforcement Canine Team Certification HB 1428
Pledge of Allegiance HB 1120
Possession of a Firearm at a Public Building HB 1483
Preliminary Budgets of Political Subdivisions HB 1367
Procedural Requirements Governing Appeals From Local Governing Bodies HB 1462
Prohibiting a Political Subdivision From Seizing Personal Property Without Due Process SB 2385
Prohibition of Foreign Ownership of Real Property HB 1503
Prohibition on Local Development by a Foreign Adversary SB 2371
Property and Casualty Policy HB 1373
Special Assessment for Mobile Home Park and Single Family Residential Property HB 1328
Proposed Studies
Public Employee Retirement System Main System Plan Funding Options and Contributions by Political Subdivisions HB 1040
Public Employees Retirement System
Closure of Main Plan to New Hires, Expansion of the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan HB 1486
Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans HB 1039
Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans(1) HB 1040
Main System Plan Employer Contribution Rates and Participation in the Defined Contribution Plan SB 2239
Reciprocal Preference Requirements in Procurement SB 2042
Recorded Declaration for a Condominium Project HB 1174
Refusing Veterans' Preference HB 1250
Regional Emergency Management Organizations HB 1071
Removal of Obstructions Outside of City Limits HB 1078
Repair of Damaged Residential Nonconforming Structure HB 1422
Repeal of the Rural Growth Incentive Program HB 1214
Repeal Statutes Relating to a Political Subdivision's Ability to Establish a Library Without an Election and Local Maintenance of Public Libraries SB 2050
Requirements to Cease Cloud Seeding HB 1166
Requiring Institutions of Higher Education Designating Athletic Teams and Sports for Male, Female, or Coed Participation and Limitations on Use of Government Property HB 1489
Resolution of Identical Bids or Proposals and Vendor Requirements SB 2042
Restrictions on Adult-oriented Performances HB 1333
Rural Ambulance Service Districts HB 1477
Rural Attorney Recruit Program SB 2267
Rural Grocery Store Sustainability and Food Access Expansion Pilot Grant Program SB 2273
Rural Workforce Housing Grants HB 1496
Sanctuary Status of a Noncitizen HB 1155
Snow Removal Grants of up to Sixty Percent for Costs Incurred SB 2183
State Minimum Wage HB 1507
Drainage Basin Tax Levy SB 2372
Exemption of Infrastructure Fees From Levy Limitations HB 1237
Land Acquisition Costs Exempt From Levy Limits SB 2359
Limitations on Taxing District Levies Without Voter Approval HB 1461
Methodology When Determining Special Assessments HB 1330
Notification of Tax Increase HB 1126
Renaissance Zones and Income and Property Tax Incentives Related to Renaissance Zones SB 2391
Tax Lien Foreclosures HB 1267
Threshold for Passing a Bond Within a Municipality HB 1514
Township Special Road Fund Limitations SB 2178
Traffic Control
Adding Penalty to Traffic Signs Prohibiting Engine Brakes and Vehicle Noise SB 2350
Devices May Not Be Removed by Department of Transportation HB 1246
Entering a Closed Road SB 2189
Creation of the Northwest Area Water Supply Authority HB 1218
Department of Water Resources Authority to Require Operating Plans for Dams HB 1073
Floodplain Management Ordinances Enforcement HB 1098
Joint Water Resource Boards and Construction of a Water Project in More Than One County SB 2372
Operation of Watershed Districts SB 2372
Procedural Requirements Governing Appeals From a Local Governing Body and Water Resource Board HB 1462
Smaller Subsurface Water Management Systems HB 1239
Storage Contracts HB 1077
Western Area Water Supply Authority Loans SB 2196
Wild and Scenic River Designation SB 2097
Home Rule and Limitation on Authority Regarding Firearms HB 1340
Limitation on Authority Regarding Firearms HB 1340
Ordinances Regarding Firearms HB 1337
Prohibition on Extreme Risk Protection Provisions HB 1401
Restrictions on the Use and Manufacture of Knives HB 1479
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