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Legislative Day 16 January 27, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1005 Passed HJ179
HB 1007 Laid over HJ179
HB 1018 Laid over HJ179
HB 1039 Rereferred HJ175
HB 1043 Passed HJ179
HB 1054 Committee report HJ180
HB 1081 Committee report HJ184
HB 1093 Passed HJ176
HB 1095 Committee report HJ180
HB 1104 Governor signed HJ187
HB 1104 Filed with Secretary of State HJ187
HB 1114 Speaker signed HJ185
HB 1124 Speaker signed HJ185
HB 1143 Committee report HJ183
HB 1150 Committee report HJ184
HB 1155 Passed HJ177
HB 1161 Amendment adopted HJ175
HB 1173 Committee report HJ183
HB 1175 Committee report HJ184
HB 1177 Committee report HJ184
HB 1195 Committee hearing HJ84
HB 1200 Committee report HJ184
HB 1209 Committee hearing HJ85
HB 1211 Committee report HJ184
HB 1217 Committee report HJ184
HB 1219 Committee report HJ184
HB 1221 Failed HJ177
HB 1228 Committee report HJ184
HB 1229 Committee report HJ184
HB 1230 Committee report HJ184
HB 1232 Amendment adopted HJ175
HB 1234 Committee report HJ184
HB 1239 Passed HJ176
HB 1239 Emergency clause carried HJ176
HB 1242 Amendment adopted HJ175
HB 1244 Committee hearing HJ92
HB 1246 Amendment adopted HJ175
HB 1248 Committee report HJ185
HB 1254 Amendment adopted HJ175
HB 1256 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1257 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1275 Committee report HJ185
HB 1278 Committee hearing HJ95
HB 1279 Committee hearing HJ95
HB 1287 Passed HJ178
HB 1298 Passed HJ178
HB 1315 Committee hearing HJ105
HB 1318 Committee hearing HJ99
HB 1320 Amendment adopted HJ175
HB 1325 Request return from committee HJ178
HB 1325 Withdrawn HJ178
HB 1325 Committee hearing HJ178
HB 1326 Committee hearing HJ100
HB 1332 Committee hearing HJ103
HB 1335 Committee hearing HJ107
HB 1340 Committee hearing HJ107
HB 1341 Committee hearing HJ107
HB 1349 Committee hearing HJ115
HB 1351 Committee hearing HJ115
HB 1355 Committee hearing HJ116
HB 1377 Committee hearing HJ133
HB 1386 Committee hearing HJ134
HB 1400 Committee hearing HJ135
HB 1406 Committee report HJ190
HB 1419 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1425 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1428 Committee hearing HJ138
HB 1429 Returned to House HJ175
HB 1429 Rereferred HJ175
HB 1459 Committee hearing HJ141
HB 1470 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1471 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1479 Committee hearing HJ143
SB 2023 Received from Senate HJ187
SB 2023 Introduced HJ197
SB 2066 Received from Senate HJ187
SB 2069 Received from Senate HJ187
SB 2111 Received from Senate HJ187
SB 2121 Received from Senate HJ187
SB 2125 Introduced (emergency) HJ185
SB 2142 Introduced HJ185
SB 2155 Introduced HJ185
SB 2156 Introduced HJ185
SB 2157 Introduced HJ185
SB 2179 Received from Senate HJ2179
HCR 3014 Committee hearing HJ150
HCR 3016 Introduced HJ185