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Legislative Day 12 January 22, 2003

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1029 Received from House SJ119
HB 1031 Received from House SJ119
HB 1033 Received from House SJ119
HB 1062 Received from House SJ119
HB 1066 Received from House SJ119
SB 2015 Committee hearing SJ16 SJ16
SB 2027 Committee hearing SJ18
SB 2035 Failed SJ117
SB 2041 Committee hearing SJ19
SB 2043 Amendment adopted SJ117
SB 2045 Passed SJ117
SB 2057 Committee report SJ119
SB 2083 Rereferred SJ119
SB 2084 Passed SJ118
SB 2111 Committee hearing SJ27
SB 2113 Committee hearing SJ27
SB 2114 Committee report SJ119
SB 2116 Failed SJ118
SB 2117 Failed SJ119
SB 2128 Rereferred SJ118
SB 2135 Committee report SJ120
SB 2144 Committee report SJ120
SB 2151 Committee hearing SJ31
SB 2154 Committee hearing SJ32
SB 2157 Amendment adopted SJ117
SB 2165 Committee report SJ120
SB 2174 Committee hearing SJ48
SB 2177 Committee report SJ120
SB 2179 Committee report SJ120
SB 2184 Committee report SJ121
SB 2210 Committee hearing SJ79
SB 2211 Committee hearing SJ79
SB 2212 Committee hearing SJ80
SB 2233 Request return from committee SJ117
SB 2233 Rereferred SJ117
SB 2296 Request return from committee SJ117
SB 2296 Rereferred SJ117
SB 2305 Introduced (emergency) SJ121
SB 2306 Introduced SJ121
SB 2307 Introduced SJ121
SB 2308 Introduced SJ121
SB 2309 Introduced SJ121
SB 2310 Introduced SJ121
HCR 3007 President signed SJ119
SCR 4011 Introduced SJ121