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Legislative Day 65 April 13, 2023

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1001 President signed SJ1671
HB 1004 President signed SJ1671
HB 1005 President signed SJ1671
HB 1017 President signed SJ1671
HB 1018 Emergency clause carried SJ1655
HB 1018 Committee report SJ1643
HB 1018 Passed SJ1655
HB 1018 Amendment adopted SJ1655
HB 1020 Conference committee SJ1655
HB 1022 President signed SJ1671
HB 1023 President signed SJ1671
HB 1102 Committee report SJ1672
HB 1120 President signed SJ1671
HB 1135 President signed SJ1671
HB 1157 President signed SJ1671
HB 1170 Committee report SJ1651
HB 1176 Committee report SJ1672
HB 1207 Committee report SJ1673
HB 1210 Committee report SJ1652
HB 1230 President signed SJ1671
HB 1239 Conference committee SJ1655
HB 1269 President signed SJ1671
HB 1307 President signed SJ1671
HB 1324 Committee report SJ1652
HB 1333 Committee report SJ1652
HB 1365 President signed SJ1671
HB 1383 Committee report SJ1672
HB 1418 Committee report SJ1653
HB 1437 President signed SJ1671
HB 1439 Committee report SJ1653
HB 1477 Conference committee SJ1655
HB 1487 Conference committee SJ1655
HB 1519 Conference committee SJ1655
HB 1539 Received from House SJ1659
SB 2001 Concurred SJ1657
SB 2001 Passed SJ1657
SB 2003 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2003 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2005 Passed SJ1656
SB 2005 Concurred SJ1656
SB 2007 Delivered to Governor SJ1671
SB 2007 President signed SJ1671
SB 2010 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2010 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2011 President signed SJ1671
SB 2011 Delivered to Governor SJ1671
SB 2014 President signed SJ1671
SB 2014 Delivered to Governor SJ1671
SB 2016 Returned to Senate SJ1661
SB 2017 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2017 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2018 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2018 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2021 Concurred SJ1656
SB 2021 Passed SJ1656
SB 2022 Laid over SJ1657
SB 2024 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2024 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2025 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2026 Committee report SJ1671
SB 2034 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2036 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2046 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2053 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2054 President signed SJ1671
SB 2054 Delivered to Governor SJ1671
SB 2063 Committee report SJ1650
SB 2093 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2096 Laid over SJ1657
SB 2104 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2110 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2118 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2124 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2126 Committee report SJ1651
SB 2132 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2155 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2170 Returned to Senate SJ1659
SB 2194 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2198 Returned to Senate SJ1659
SB 2200 Passed SJ1657
SB 2200 Concurred SJ1657
SB 2208 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2240 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2240 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2249 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2263 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2274 President signed SJ1671
SB 2274 Delivered to Governor SJ1671
SB 2279 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2279 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2281 Passed SJ1658
SB 2281 Concurred SJ1658
SB 2295 Delivered to Governor SJ1671
SB 2295 President signed SJ1671
SB 2311 Delivered to Governor SJ1671
SB 2311 President signed SJ1671
SB 2326 Conference committee SJ1655
SB 2326 Not concurred SJ1655
SB 2328 Returned to Senate SJ1659
SB 2330 Returned to Senate SJ1661
SB 2364 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2372 Passed SJ1658
SB 2372 Concurred SJ1658
SB 2379 Governor signed SJ1671
SB 2380 Passed SJ1659
SB 2380 Committee report SJ1659
SB 2391 Committee report SJ1671
SB 2392 Returned to Senate SJ1659
HCR 3035 Conference committee SJ1655