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Legislative Day 66 April 17, 2023

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1003 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1012 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1014 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1015 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1019 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1021 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1028 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1040 Committee report SJ1681
HB 1061 Committee report SJ1708 SJ1698
HB 1102 Committee report SJ1698
HB 1114 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1153 President signed SJ1707
HB 1170 Committee report SJ1696
HB 1170 Passed SJ1696
HB 1176 Committee report SJ1698
HB 1183 President signed SJ1707
HB 1207 Committee report SJ1698
HB 1210 Committee report SJ1698
HB 1225 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1231 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1267 President signed SJ1707
HB 1276 President signed SJ1707
HB 1288 Committee report SJ1708
HB 1313 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1324 Committee report SJ1696
HB 1324 Passed SJ1697
HB 1333 Committee report SJ1698
HB 1379 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1383 Committee report SJ1698
HB 1391 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1418 Passed SJ1697
HB 1418 Committee report SJ1697
HB 1439 Passed SJ1697
HB 1439 Committee report SJ1697
HB 1447 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1465 Committee report SJ1709
HB 1480 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1508 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1519 Miscellaneous SJ1687 SJ1687
HB 1532 President signed SJ1707
HB 1536 Conference committee SJ1687
HB 1539 Introduced SJ1709
SB 2001 President signed SJ1707
SB 2001 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2002 Concurred SJ1690
SB 2002 Passed SJ1690
SB 2005 President signed SJ1707
SB 2005 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2006 Passed SJ1689
SB 2006 Concurred SJ1689
SB 2008 Passed SJ1689
SB 2008 Concurred SJ1689
SB 2016 Conference committee SJ1687
SB 2016 Not concurred SJ1687
SB 2021 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2021 President signed SJ1707
SB 2022 Passed SJ1688
SB 2022 Concurred SJ1688
SB 2026 Committee report SJ1692
SB 2026 Passed SJ1692
SB 2032 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2048 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2048 President signed SJ1707
SB 2051 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2061 President signed SJ1707
SB 2061 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2063 Committee report SJ1691
SB 2063 Passed SJ1691
SB 2089 Conference committee SJ1687
SB 2089 Not concurred SJ1687
SB 2092 Committee report SJ1695 SJ1683
SB 2092 Passed SJ1695
SB 2094 Committee report SJ1684 SJ1695
SB 2094 Passed SJ1695
SB 2096 Concurred SJ1687
SB 2096 Passed SJ1688
SB 2126 Committee report SJ1691
SB 2126 Passed SJ1691
SB 2129 Returned to Senate SJ1698
SB 2139 Passed SJ1694
SB 2139 Committee report SJ1684 SJ1694
SB 2142 Concurred SJ1690
SB 2142 Passed SJ1690
SB 2147 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2149 Conference committee SJ1687
SB 2149 Not concurred SJ1687
SB 2150 Returned to Senate SJ1698
SB 2161 Passed SJ1693
SB 2161 Committee report SJ1693 SJ1684
SB 2168 Not concurred SJ1687
SB 2168 Conference committee SJ1687
SB 2169 Conference committee SJ1687
SB 2169 Not concurred SJ1687
SB 2181 Returned to Senate SJ1698
SB 2187 Committee report SJ1694 SJ1685
SB 2187 Passed SJ1694
SB 2200 President signed SJ1707
SB 2200 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2205 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2211 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2219 Conference committee SJ1687
SB 2219 Not concurred SJ1687
SB 2227 Committee report SJ1708
SB 2241 Passed SJ1696
SB 2241 Committee report SJ1685 SJ1696
SB 2242 President signed SJ1707
SB 2242 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2243 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2247 Returned to Senate SJ1705
SB 2254 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2254 President signed SJ1707
SB 2273 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2273 President signed SJ1707
SB 2281 President signed SJ1707
SB 2281 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2299 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2330 Not concurred SJ1687
SB 2330 Conference committee SJ1687
SB 2335 Returned to Senate SJ1698
SB 2343 Committee report SJ1685 SJ1693
SB 2343 Passed SJ1693
SB 2344 Committee report SJ1693 SJ1686
SB 2344 Passed SJ1694
SB 2345 Returned to Senate SJ1698
SB 2349 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2367 Governor signed SJ1707
SB 2371 Returned to Senate SJ1698
SB 2372 President signed SJ1707
SB 2372 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
SB 2391 Passed SJ1692
SB 2391 Committee report SJ1692
SB 2392 President signed SJ1707
SB 2392 Delivered to Governor SJ1707
HCR 3033 Conference committee SJ1687
SCR 4014 Filed with Secretary of State SJ1707
SCR 4014 President signed SJ1707