Major Topic Index - Legislative Management

Category Bill
Administrative Rules Committee Objection to of Voiding of Rules HB 1344
Annual Legislative Sessions SB 2333
Bill Introduction Privilege for Agencies, Legislative Management, and Supreme Court HB 1285
Budget Section Hearings on State Plans for Federal Block Grants HCR 3001
Cost-benefit Analysis for a Measure or Policy Affecting the Legacy Fund HB 1227
Fentanyl Reporting SB 2248
Interim Acute Psychiatric Treatment Committee
Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic HB 1027
Contingent Appropriation - Department of Health and Human Services SB 2026
Proposed Study of Implementation of Behavioral Health and Acute Psychiatric Treatment Recommendations HB 1026
Interim Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
Advisory Committee on Sustainable Agriculture SB 2027
Interim Education Policy Committee
Interim Assessment of Students SB 2028
Interim Energy Development and Transmission Committee SB 2289
Interim Government Finance Committee
Disbursement of Federal Funds and State Special Funds SB 2029
Interim Health Care Committee
Community Health Workers HB 1029
Community Health Worker Task Force HB 1028
Drug Reference Rate Pilot Program SB 2031
Medical Assistance Value-based Purchasing SB 2030
Interim Higher Education Committee
Capital Projects HB 1034
High-demand Certificates Scholarships HB 1032
Matching Grants for the Advancement of Academics at Institutions of Higher Education HB 1033
Paraprofessional-to-teacher Program SB 2032
Scholarships HB 1030
Student Financial Assistance Grants HB 1031
Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness SB 2033
Interim Human Services Committee
Administration of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program HB 1036
Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force HB 1035
Children's Cabinet SB 2034
Cross-disability Advisory Council HB 1035
Guardianship Services SB 2035
Interim Judiciary Committee
Spousal Support HB 1037
Technical Corrections HB 1038
Interim Retirement Committee
Public Employee Retirement System HB 1039
Public Employee Retirement System (2) HB 1040
Interim Water Drainage Committee
Assessments for Water Projects SB 2037
Water Resources Boards and Districts SB 2036
Interim Workers' Compensation Review Committee
Quadrennial Performance Evaluation SB 2038
Legislative Information Technology Committee Review of Information Technology Guidelines HB 1086
Legislator Education Training Accounts HB 1395
Membership of Children's Cabinet SB 2159
Membership of the Clean Sustainable Energy Authority SB 2165
Membership of the Public Employees Retirement Board SB 2164
Proposed Studies
Accessibility of Natural Gas in Small Communities SB 2366
Administrative Costs Involved in Certifying a Compassion Center SB 2201
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring on Fort Berthold Reservation HCR 3029
Authority of Hearing Officers SB 2296
Availability of Housing for Individuals With Mobility Impairments or Physical Disabilities SCR 4016
Commission to Supervise the Game and Fish Department SB 2368
Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota SB 2158
Consolidation of Administration of Racing, Sports, and Gaming Into a Single Office HCR 3032
Construction Labor by Minors SB 2170
Contract Nursing Agencies HB 1476
Creation of a Sports and Gaming Commission HCR 3032
Criminal History Record Check Process SB 2238
Desirability and Feasibility of Repealing the Department of Health and Human Services' Ability to Suspend Motor Vehicle Licenses for Nonpayment of Child Support SB 2219
Divestment of Companies That Boycott Energy or Commodities HB 1429
Early Child Care Programs and Child Care Services to Identify Major Needs and Systemic Approaches to Stabilize Child Care Infrastructure SB 2323
Early Child Care Programs and Child Care Services to Identify Major Needs and Systemic Approaches to Stabilize Child Care Infrastructure (1) SB 2012
Environmental Impact of Oil Drilling Within the Fort Berthold Reservation HCR 3028
Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Trends, Issues, Policies, and Impacts to Citizens, Businesses, and Industries in the State HB 1278
Feasibility and Desirability of Creating an Interest Rate Buydown Program at the Bank of North Dakota HB 1499
Federal Highway Administration's National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program SB 2063
Federally Qualified Health Centers SB 2155
Formation of a Search and Rescue Volunteer Association SCR 4007
Funding of Nonpublic Schools HB 1532
Homelessness and Barriers to Housing HCR 3030
Immigration Needs in the State SB 2142
Impact of a Property Tax Exemption for Agricultural Products Storage HB 1247
Impact of Term Limits on the Legislative Assembly SB 2192
Impact of Term Limits on the Legislative Assembly (1) HB 1001
Impact of the North Dakota High School Activities Association on Students HB 1149
Implementation of Behavioral Health and Acute Psychiatric Treatment Recommendations HB 1026
Implementation of Parameters for School District Ending Fund Balances HB 1238
Implications of Codifying the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 HB 1536
Inpatient Mental Health Care for Children HCR 3017
Just Compensation and Increased Damages in Eminent Domain Proceedings SB 2313
Juvenile Delinquency Offense Code HB 1195
Literacy, Dyslexia, and Related Teacher Training HB 1231
Long-term Health Effects on Human Beings of Vaccines for Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Vaccines Developed Using Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Technology SB 2384
Municipal Courts and Judges SB 2278
Numbered of Persons That Own or Control Any Real Estate or Commercial Assets in Conjunction With Foreign Adversaries HB 1503
Occupational and Professional Regulation SB 2184
Open Adoption Policies SB 2321
Petroleum Products and Antifreeze Regulations SB 2101
Posting of School Trust Lands During Big Game Hunting Seasons HB 1175
Postsecondary Career School Authorization SB 2145
Potential Impacts of an Electromagnetic Pulse on the State's Electric Grid HB 1353
Prior Authorization for Health Insurance SB 2389
Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly SCR 4011
Property Tax Reform SB 2387
Provisions of the Century Code Relating to Elections HB 1529
Recording of Custodial Interrogations SB 2376
Records Management of State Agencies and Institutions Related to Records Deemed Historic Value SB 2018
Restructuring the Taxation of Residential and Commercial Property HB 1248
School Transportation Services Funding SB 2284
Special Assessments Levied Against Political Subdivisions SB 2359
State's Charitable Gaming Industry HB 1497
Statutory Provisions Governing Certification of Site Compatibility for Electric Energy Conversion Facilities HB 1512
Statutory Provisions That Restrict the Location and Manner in Which Firearms and Dangerous Weapons May Be Carried HB 1341
Strategies to Increase Health Benefits Coverage HCR 3018
Structure, Function, Operation, Infrastructure and Needs of Soil Conservation Districts SB 2353
Study Admission to the Bar by Diploma Privilege HCR 3023
Study Care and Treatment of Individuals With Brain Injury HCR 3021
Study Health Insurance Coverage for Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Examinations SCR 4009
Study Housing of Supreme Court HCR 3025
Study Implementing a Paid Family Leave Program SCR 4018
Study of Relocating State Library HCR 3025
Study of the Parentage and Adoption Practices in Use in the State SB 2327
Study Re-entry Outcomes for Incarcerated Adults and Youth HCR 3026
Study Safety of Certain State Highways HCR 3027
Study Spectator Conduct at School Events HCR 3022
Study Sustainable Energy Policies HCR 3034
Study the Public Employee Retirement System Main System Plan Including Funding Options and Contributions by Political Subdivisions HB 1040
Township Participation in the National Flood Insurance Program SB 2365
Uniform Charts of Accounts for Counties HB 1245
Utilization of Federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Block Grant Funding Received by the State SB 2291
Workforce Training Center Funding Distribution Model SB 2122
Repeal Employee Benefits Programs Committee HB 1539
Repeal Workers' Compensation Review Committee SB 2040
Agriculture Commissioner Report on Postproduction Royalty Oversight Program SB 2374
Attorney General Report on Back the Blue Grant Program SB 2003
Attorney General Report on Status and Results of Human Trafficking Victims Grant Program SB 2003
Back the Blue Grant Program HB 1307
Balance of 988 Crisis Stabilization Fund SB 2149
Bank of North Dakota Report on Employee Recruitment and Retention Incentive Program HB 1014
Centralization of Administration of Occupational Boards SB 2249
Children's Cabinet Annual Report SB 2034
Chronically Low-performing School or School District SB 2254
Classroom Clearings and Hallway Clearings SB 2351
Department of Commerce Report on Actual and Expected Revenue Received as Result of Beyond Visual Line of Sight Uncrewed Aircraft System Program HB 1018
Department of Health and Human Services Cross-disability Children's Waiver HB 1035
Department of Health and Human Services Level of Care Redesign HB 1035
Department of Transportation Study on Electronic Vehicle Charging Tax HB 1081
Department of Transportation Study to Alleviate Northern Red River Valley Flooding HB 1217
Divisive Concepts at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Dyslexia Screening and Intervention HB 1231
Dyslexia Voucher Program HB 1306
Early Childhood Programs SB 2012
Economic Diversification Research Fund Grants HB 1379
Electronic Vehicle Charging Tax Study HB 1081
Extension of Coverage of Insulin Drug and Supply Benefits to All Group and Individual Health Insurance Policies SB 2140
Fertilizer Development Fund HB 1369
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Council SB 2335
Food Insecurity Task Force HB 1471
Medicaid Plan Amendments or Medicaid Waivers Applied for and Implemented During the 2023-25 Biennium HB 1261
Medical Assistance Value-based Purchasing SB 2030
Mental Health and Well-being Advisory Committee SB 2322
Mental Health Diversion Pilot Program HB 1138
Model Zoning Review Task Force Report on Changes to the Model Zoning HB 1423
Native Pollinating Insects HB 1258
Needs Assessment of Projected Soil Conservation Buildings, Infrastructure, Vehicles, Equipment, and Software Needs SB 2353
Number and Amount of Immigration Workforce Loans Issued SB 2151
Office of Health Care Immigration SB 2142
Pay for Success Fund HB 1480
Petitions Received Relating to Competition Between Government and Private Industry HB 1374
Prescription Drug Reference Rate Program SB 2031
Prohibiting Public Libraries From Maintaining Explicit Sexual Material HB 1205
Regarding the Award of Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Regarding the Grant Recipients, Grant Awards, and the Use of Grant Funding to Support Unmanned Aircraft Systems HB 1519
Reinstatement of Parental Rights HB 1091
Repeal of Workforce Safety and Insurance Pilot Programs and Safety Grant Program Reports SB 2039
Snow Removal Grants and Reimbursements SB 2183
Specified Concept at Institutions of Higher Education SB 2247
Sports Betting Task Force SB 2358
Standard Framework of Services for Child Victims of Human Trafficking SB 2341
State Board of Higher Education Report on Faculty Tenure Pilot Program HB 1446
State Energy Research Center Fund Report on Rare Earth Minerals Study HB 1014
State Energy Research Center Fund Report on Underground Energy Storage Research Project HB 1014
State Investment Board Report on Investment Performance of Each Fund Under Its Control HB 1278
Status and Outcome of Each Occupational and Professional Board's Review of Its Laws and Rules HB 1372
Superintendent of Public Instruction Shall Provide an Annual Report on Money Spent on School Safety and Security Measures HB 1337
Task Force on Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children SB 2257
Tax Commissioner Report on Study of Property Tax Transparency HB 1245
Tax Department Report on the Balance of the 988 Crisis Stabilization Fund SB 2149
Uniform Bail Schedule HB 1453
University System Adjustments to 2025-27 Biennium Budget Request HB 1003
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants in the Agriculture Industry HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants in the Oil and Gas Industry HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants to Emergency Medical Services Providers HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants to Workforce Training Center Serving the Northwest Area of the State HB 1519
Workforce Development Grants to Tribally Controlled Community Colleges HB 1018
Workforce Education Innovation Program HB 1241
Representation on Legislative Management HB 1311
Residential Rental Advisory Committee HB 1535
State Agricultural Foreign Investment Review Board HB 1356
Terms of Chairman of Legislative Management HB 1313
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