Major Topic Index - Minors

Category Bill
Child Abuse and Neglect SB 2103
Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect HB 1144
Mental Injury for the Crime of Child Abuse HB 1492
Statute of Limitations on Civil Actions Alleging Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Gross Sexual Imposition, or Childhood Sexual Abuse SB 2282
Task Force on Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children SB 2257
Child Care
Assistance Payments to Providers SB 2084
Assistance Program SB 2190
Criminal History Record Checks for Adults Caring for Children SB 2051
Department of Defense Early Childhood Services SB 2182
Early Childhood Services SB 2104
Early Childhood Services Providers Criminal History Checks SB 2238
Facilities for Children - Criminal History Record Checks SB 2051
Income Tax Credit SB 2237
Proof of Liability Insurance for Early Childhood Programs HB 1298
Stabilization Program SB 2301
Department of Health and Human Services Pay for Success Program HB 1479
Annual Day of Awareness for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder SB 2335
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder SB 2335
Guardianship for a Minor Becoming an Incapacitated Adult SB 2224
Home Education of Children With Developmental Disabilities SB 2167
Life Skills and Transition Center SB 2052
Regarding Conservatorships and Emergency Conservatorships SB 2222
Exempting Crime Scene Images of Minors SB 2232
Foster Care and Adoption
Adopting a State Indian Child Welfare Act HB 1536
Adoption Assistance Program for Costs Associated With Home Study SB 2230
Assessments SB 2080
Foster Homes for Children and Treatment Centers for Trafficked Youth SB 2341
Indian Children HB 1536
Postadoption Communication or Contact Agreements SB 2321
Reimburse Child-placing Agencies for Costs of Home Study Reports HB 1375
Waiver of Certain Adoption Requirements for Licensed Foster Care Providers HB 1534
Gender and Sex
Preferred Pronoun Discriminatory Practices and School Polices on Expressed Gender SB 2231
Prohibiting Medical Gender Transitioning Procedures on a Minor HB 1301
Prohibition of Certain Practices Against a Minor Regarding Perception of Sex HB 1254
Urge Public Schools and Public Entities Distinguish Between Sexes According to Biological Sex HCR 3010
Guardian Ad Litem and Parenting Investigators HB 1113
Homeless Youth Access to Birth Records SB 2379
Human Trafficking
Standard Framework of Services for Child Victims of Human Trafficking SB 2341
Treatment Centers for Trafficked Youth SB 2341
Hunting Licenses
Nonresident Youth Hunting Licenses for Small Game and Waterfowl HB 1409
Suspension of Recreational Licenses for Delinquent Child Support Payments HB 1308
White Tail Antlerless Deer Permits HB 1233
Juvenile Court HB 1137
Labor Exceptions for Minors Performing Sports-attendant Services SB 2132
Membership of Children's Cabinet SB 2159
Minors Working in Construction SB 2170
Displaying Objectionable Materials or Performance to Minors SB 2123
Objectionable Materials or Performances HB 1205
Obscenity Control SB 2360
Prohibiting Public Libraries From Maintaining Sexually Explicit Books HB 1205
Parental Rights
Fundamental Parental Rights in Education and Medical Treatment SB 2260
Parental Consent for Minors' Health Care Services, Fundamental Parental Rights, a School District's Obligation to Notify Parents of Rights to Education SB 2188
Parental Involvement in Education SB 2260
Parental Right to Attend Activities in Which a Parent's Child Is Participating SB 2356
Parent's Interest in Child's Upbringing HB 1362
Prohibition on Interference With Parental Rights HB 1403
School District Notifications on Parental Rights SB 2188
Prohibition on Access to a Brewer Taproom for an Individual Under Twenty-one Years of Age SB 2363
Proposed Studies
Construction Labor by Minors SB 2170
Inpatient Mental Health Care for Children HCR 3017
Juvenile Delinquency Offense Code HB 1195
Open Adoption Policies SB 2321
Re-entry Outcomes for Incarcerated Adults and Youth HCR 3026
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility for Children and Admission Criteria HB 1043
Reapplication of a Medical Marijuana Registry Identification Card SB 2388
School Collection of Data on Minors SB 2188
Student Disciplinary Record Exempt Record SB 2099
Temporary Assistance of Needy Families Eligibility SB 2291
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