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Legislative Day 64 April 09, 1997

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1003 Committee report SJ1312 SJ1315
HB 1003 Passed SJ1315
HB 1004 Committee report SJ1315 SJ1318
HB 1004 Passed SJ1318
HB 1010 Committee report SJ1318 SJ1318
HB 1010 Passed SJ1318
HB 1013 Committee report SJ1318 SJ1331
HB 1013 Passed SJ1331
HB 1013 Emergency clause carried SJ1331
HB 1014 Conference committee SJ1309
HB 1015 Conference committee SJ1303
HB 1018 Conference committee SJ1303
HB 1022 Committee report SJ1296 SJ1331
HB 1022 Passed SJ1331
HB 1023 Committee report SJ1298 SJ1331
HB 1023 Passed SJ1332
HB 1024 Committee report SJ1332 SJ1332
HB 1024 Passed SJ1332
HB 1025 Committee report SJ1301 SJ1332
HB 1035 Committee report SJ1332 SJ1333
HB 1035 Passed SJ1334
HB 1147 Reconsider SJ1305
HB 1147 Veto sustained SJ1308
HB 1168 Committee report SJ1334 SJ1335
HB 1168 Passed SJ1335
HB 1168 Emergency clause carried SJ1336
HB 1359 Committee report SJ1301 SJ1336
HB 1359 Passed SJ1336
SB 2002 Committee report SJ1337
SB 2004 Committee report SJ1303
SB 2004 Passed SJ1303
SB 2013 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2017 Committee report SJ1311 SJ1311
SB 2017 Passed SJ1311
SB 2017 Emergency clause carried SJ1312
SB 2018 Committee report SJ1305 SJ1307
SB 2018 Passed SJ1307
SB 2020 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2032 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2037 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2043 Committee report SJ1347
SB 2064 Committee report SJ1303
SB 2064 Passed SJ1304
SB 2064 Emergency clause carried SJ1304
SB 2068 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2088 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2112 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2136 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2159 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2160 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2214 Committee report SJ1347
SB 2234 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2318 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2353 Committee report SJ1308 SJ1308
SB 2353 Passed SJ1308
SB 2362 Governor signed SJ1374
SB 2372 Delivered to Governor SJ1309
SB 2396 Committee report SJ1309
SB 2396 Passed SJ1309
SB 2399 Delivered to Governor SJ1309
SCR 4010 Filed with Secretary of State SJ1309