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Legislative Day 12 January 22, 2003

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1021 Committee hearing HJ27
HB 1024 Committee report HJ184
HB 1034 Amendment adopted HJ181
HB 1036 Amendment adopted HJ181
HB 1044 Amendment adopted HJ181
HB 1044 Rereferred HJ181
HB 1051 Amendment adopted HJ181
HB 1060 Committee report HJ184
HB 1065 Committee report HJ184
HB 1087 Passed HJ181
HB 1088 Amendment adopted HJ181
HB 1088 Rereferred HJ181
HB 1097 Committee report HJ184
HB 1098 Committee report HJ184
HB 1099 Committee report HJ185
HB 1122 Passed HJ182
HB 1138 Passed HJ182
HB 1138 Emergency clause carried HJ182
HB 1141 Committee report HJ185
HB 1143 Committee report HJ185
HB 1146 Committee report HJ185
HB 1152 Committee report HJ185
HB 1164 Committee report HJ185
HB 1176 Passed HJ183
HB 1185 Committee report HJ185
HB 1199 Committee hearing HJ63
HB 1201 Committee report HJ185
HB 1204 Committee hearing HJ63
HB 1210 Committee hearing HJ79
HB 1211 Request return from committee HJ181
HB 1211 Withdrawn HJ181
HB 1220 Committee hearing HJ83
HB 1221 Committee hearing HJ83
HB 1225 Committee hearing HJ83
HB 1226 Committee hearing HJ84
HB 1228 Committee report HJ186
HB 1229 Committee hearing HJ84
HB 1236 Committee report HJ186
HB 1244 Committee report HJ186
HB 1245 Committee hearing HJ85
HB 1249 Committee report HJ186
HB 1254 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1258 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1259 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1261 Request return from committee HJ181
HB 1261 Rereferred HJ181
HB 1267 Committee report HJ186
HB 1268 Rereferred HJ186
HB 1300 Committee hearing HJ97
HB 1309 Committee hearing HJ98
HB 1310 Committee hearing HJ98
HB 1328 Committee report HJ186
HB 1332 Request return from committee HJ181
HB 1332 Rereferred HJ181
HB 1345 Request return from committee HJ181
HB 1345 Rereferred HJ181
HB 1350 Committee hearing HJ119
HB 1351 Committee hearing HJ120
HB 1352 Committee hearing HJ120
HB 1353 Committee hearing HJ120
HB 1498 Introduced HJ184
HB 1499 Introduced HJ184
HB 1500 Introduced HJ184
SB 2058 Received from Senate HJ183
SB 2059 Received from Senate HJ183
SB 2061 Received from Senate HJ183
SB 2197 Received from Senate HJ183
SB 2200 Received from Senate HJ183
HCR 3007 Speaker signed HJ183
HCR 3007 Filed with Secretary of State HJ183