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Legislative Day 74 April 23, 2003

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1005 Speaker signed HJ1683
HB 1015 Speaker signed HJ1683
HB 1016 Committee report HJ1668 HJ1671
HB 1016 Passed HJ1671
HB 1016 Emergency clause carried HJ1671
HB 1023 Committee report HJ1645 HJ1647
HB 1023 Passed HJ1647
HB 1023 Emergency clause carried HJ1647
HB 1035 Speaker signed HJ1683
HB 1050 Governor signed HJ1645
HB 1050 Filed with Secretary of State HJ1645
HB 1179 Governor signed HJ1645
HB 1179 Filed with Secretary of State HJ1645
HB 1218 Governor signed HJ1645
HB 1218 Filed with Secretary of State HJ1645
HB 1439 Governor signed HJ1645
HB 1439 Filed with Secretary of State HJ1645
HB 1489 Speaker signed HJ1683
HB 1497 Returned to House HJ1682
HB 1497 Not concurred HJ1668
HB 1497 Conference committee HJ1668
SB 2001 Speaker signed HJ1683
SB 2002 Speaker signed HJ1683
SB 2003 Speaker signed HJ1683
SB 2004 Committee report HJ1672 HJ1673
SB 2004 Passed HJ1673
SB 2006 Committee report HJ1674 HJ1675
SB 2006 Passed HJ1675
SB 2007 Speaker signed HJ1683
SB 2008 Committee report HJ1683
SB 2011 Speaker signed HJ1683
SB 2013 Committee report HJ1685
SB 2014 Speaker signed HJ1683
SB 2016 Committee report HJ1692
SB 2019 Committee report HJ1694
SB 2021 Committee report HJ1675 HJ1678
SB 2021 Passed HJ1678
SB 2021 Emergency clause carried HJ1678
SB 2022 Committee report HJ1678 HJ1681
SB 2022 Passed HJ1681
SB 2154 Committee report HJ1647 HJ1667
SB 2154 Passed HJ1667
SB 2285 Amendment adopted HJ1645
SB 2285 Failed HJ1645
SB 2285 Reconsider HJ1681
SB 2285 Passed HJ1681
SB 2335 Laid over HJ1668
SB 2335 Committee report HJ1695
SB 2358 Speaker signed HJ1683
HCR 3039 Filed with Secretary of State HJ1683