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Category Bill
Anhydrous Ammonia Facility Applications No Longer Submitted to County HB 1302
Annual Training of Appraisers HB 1448
Allocations to Non-oil Producing Townships From the County Highway Aid Fund SB 2329
County Aid Distribution Fund HB 1359
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1147
County and Township Bridge Repair Fund HB 1379
Local Revenue Loss Reimbursement Fund SB 2334
Regional Livestock Planning Grants HB 1437
Snow Removal Grants SB 2183
Back the Blue Grants HB 1307
Beef Commission Districts HB 1436
Closure of Public Employees Retirement System Main Plan Defined Compensation Plan to New Hires, and Expansion of Defined Contribution Plan HB 1486
Common Carrier Use of Eminent Domain SB 2314
Composition of County Board of Appraisers and Land Appraisal Requirements HB 1448
Coroner Access to Death Records HB 1481
Coroner Fees in Situations Involving the Unexplained Sudden Death in Infant or Child With or Without Intrinsic or Extrinsic Factors HB 1042
Corporate Farming Law HB 1371
County Approval as Condition to Use Funds for Weather Modification Operations HB 1166
County Contract With Existing Economic Development Organization to Perform Functions of Job Development Authority SB 2306
County Prohibited From Prohibiting or Impeding Connection or Reconnection of Utility Services HB 1234
County to Contracting for Cooperative Purchasing Pursuant to Joint Powers Agreement SB 2370
County Treasurer Disposition of Proceeds of Proceeds of Tax Lien Foreclosures HB 1267
County Treasurer Real Estate Tax Statement HB 1245
Courts and Legal Documents
Compensation of Jurors HB 1002
Deposit of a Will by County Recorder SB 2381
Filing of Unfair Service Agreement Court Order With County Recorder HB 1188
Transfer of Clerks of Court From County to Supreme Court SB 2277
Creation of Northwest Area Water Supply Authority HB 1218
Death Certificate Cause of Death Related to Unexplained Sudden Death in Infant of Child With Our Without Intrinsic or Extrinsic Factors HB 1042
Effect of State Law on City or County Ordinances and Limits on City Fines and Penalties HB 1325
Analysis After Certification of Election SB 2339
Ballot Retention Requirements HB 1320
County Election Officials' Responsibilities, Manual Counts, and Chain of Custody SB 2316
Home Rule Powers Regarding Elections HB 1319
Pollbooks, Voter Lists, and Reports Submitted to County Auditor SB 2386
Prohibition of Ranked-choice Voting HB 1273
Repeal Chapter Relating to Mail Ballot Elections SB 2308
Establishment of Livestock Friendly County Designation SB 2373
Evaluating Applications and Designation of Electric Energy Conversion Facility Sites HB 1512
Final Disposition of Individuals Who Are Indigent SB 2139
Human Service Zones HB 1046
Limitations on Use of Government Property Relating to Gender of Participants HB 1489
Model Zoning Ordinances for Animal Feeding Operations HB 1423
Natural Gas in New Construction HB 1124
Notices Triggering Zoning Inspections When Assessments Conducted and Building Permits Issued HB 1422
Opioid Settlement Advisory Committee HB 1447
Peace Officers Acting Outside Jurisdiction SB 2286
Preliminary Budgets of Political Subdivisions HB 1367
Process for County to Build a Bridge HB 1127
Prohibition on Local Development by a Foreign Adversary SB 2371
Proposed Studies
Uniform Chart of Accounts for Counties HB 1245
Recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance HB 1120
Recorded Declaration for a Condominium Project HB 1174
Regional Emergency Management Organizations HB 1071
Repair of Damaged Residential Nonconforming Structure HB 1422
Annual Reports Regarding Libraries SB 2050
Transportation Funding and Expenditures SB 2044
Requirements to Cease Cloud Seeding HB 1166
Restrictions on Adult-oriented Performances HB 1333
Special Assessment for Mobile Home Park and Single Family Residential Property HB 1328
Statements of Full Consideration Application in Case of Transfer Involving a Change in Use to and for Surface Minerals and Use HB 1133
Statements of Full Consideration for Agricultural Lands HB 1133
Allocations From Highway Tax Distribution Fund SB 2329
Allocations From Motor Vehicle Excise Tax SB 2329
Limitation on True and Full Valuation on a Primary Residence SB 2309
Limitations on Taxing District Levies Without Voter Approval HB 1461
Notification of Tax Increase HB 1126
Oil and Gas Gross Production Tax Allocations to Counties SB 2162
Primary Residence Property Tax Relief Credit SB 2309
Requirements for Political Subdivisions Granting Property Tax Incentives HB 1495
Rural Ambulance Service Districts Treatment of Cities Within the District and Taxes Levied HB 1477
Rural Ambulance Service Districts Treatment of Cities Within the District and Taxes Levied (1) HB 1365
Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit HB 1379
Tax Lien Foreclosures HB 1267
Traffic Control
Adding Penalty to Traffic Signs Prohibiting Engine Brakes and Vehicle Noise SB 2350
Addition of Penalty to Traffic Signs SB 2350
Closure of Section Line Open for Public Travel HB 1206
Assessment Drain Through Two or More Counties SB 2036
Bridges and Culverts SB 2036
Drainage Basin Projects SB 2372
Drain Warrants, Sinking Funds, Bonds SB 2036
Floodplain Management Ordinances Enforcement HB 1098
Joint Water Resource Boards and Construction of a Water Project in More Than One County SB 2372
Wild and Scenic River Designation SB 2097
Home Rule and Limitations on Authority Regarding Firearms HB 1340
Limitation on Authority Regarding Firearms HB 1340
Limitation Regulation of Knives HB 1479
Ordinances Regarding Firearms HB 1337
Prohibition on Extreme Risk Protection Provisions HB 1401
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