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Legislative Day 22 February 04, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1028 Committee report HJ254
HB 1059 Returned to House HJ267
HB 1072 Committee report HJ262
HB 1076 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1078 Committee report HJ263
HB 1090 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1103 Committee report HJ256
HB 1108 Returned to House HJ267
HB 1112 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1113 Returned to House HJ267
HB 1126 Returned to House HJ267
HB 1132 Passed HJ251
HB 1134 Committee report HJ258
HB 1135 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1146 Laid over HJ251
HB 1147 Passed HJ251
HB 1148 Returned to House HJ267
HB 1158 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1160 Committee report HJ258
HB 1163 Committee hearing HJ221
HB 1166 Failed HJ251
HB 1174 Amendment adopted HJ249
HB 1174 Failed HJ250
HB 1185 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1185 Rereferred HJ250
HB 1190 Committee report HJ258
HB 1196 Committee report HJ259
HB 1209 Laid over HJ251
HB 1210 Committee report HJ260
HB 1220 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1224 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1227 Committee hearing HJ91
HB 1233 Committee report HJ263
HB 1238 Passed HJ252
HB 1259 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1260 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1266 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1272 Committee report HJ263
HB 1273 Committee report HJ263
HB 1274 Passed HJ250
HB 1276 Committee report HJ263
HB 1285 Committee report HJ260
HB 1286 Committee report HJ263
HB 1311 Committee report HJ263
HB 1318 Committee report HJ263
HB 1327 Committee report HJ263
HB 1330 Committee report HJ260
HB 1337 Committee hearing HJ107
HB 1341 Committee report HJ260
HB 1343 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1368 Committee hearing HJ132
HB 1369 Committee report HJ261
HB 1370 Committee hearing HJ133
HB 1371 Committee hearing HJ133
HB 1374 Committee report HJ263
HB 1379 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1405 Committee report HJ263
HB 1408 Committee report HJ263
HB 1438 Committee report HJ263
HB 1440 Committee hearing HJ139
HB 1444 Amendment adopted HJ250
HB 1453 Committee report HJ263
HB 1456 Committee hearing HJ140
HB 1463 Committee report HJ264
HB 1468 Committee report HJ264
HB 1469 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1473 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1476 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1477 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1478 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1482 Committee report HJ262
SB 2068 Introduced HJ264
SB 2091 Introduced (emergency) HJ264
SB 2102 Introduced HJ264
SB 2115 Introduced HJ264
SB 2118 Introduced HJ264
SB 2135 Introduced HJ264
SB 2149 Introduced HJ265
SB 2151 Introduced HJ265
SB 2175 Introduced HJ265
SB 2190 Received from Senate HJ267
SB 2208 Introduced HJ265
SB 2212 Received from Senate HJ267
SB 2218 Received from Senate HJ267
SB 2219 Received from Senate HJ267
SB 2235 Introduced HJ265
SB 2237 Introduced HJ265
SB 2245 Received from Senate HJ267
SB 2303 Introduced HJ265
HCR 3003 Returned to House HJ267
HCR 3004 Returned to House HJ267
HCR 3005 Returned to House HJ267
HCR 3007 Returned to House HJ267
HCR 3010 Committee report HJ264
HCR 3017 Committee report HJ264
HCR 3023 Requested House to return HJ249
HCR 3023 Rereferred HJ249
HCR 3032 Introduced HJ264