Major Topic Index - Department of Health and Human Services

2023 Regular Session (68th Legislative Assembly)

Department of Health and Human Services

Category Bill
Access to Death Records HB 1481
Adoption Assistance Program for Costs Associated With the Home Study Process SB 2230
Appointment of Executive Director and Confirmation by Senate SB 2262
988 Crisis Hotline Program SB 2149
Adoption Assistance Program for Costs Associated With the Home Study Process SB 2230
Agency Appropriation SB 2012
Agency Appropriation- Public Health Division HB 1004
Alternative to Abortion Program SB 2129
Basic Care Payment System SB 2283
Behavioral Health Loan Repayment Program SB 2127
Behavioral Health Primary Prevention Initiative Grants SB 2322
Community Health Worker Task Force HB 1028
Continuum of Home-based Services SB 2332
Corporate Guardianship Rates SB 2345
Cross-disability Advisory Council HB 1035
Dual Special Needs Plan for Medicaid SB 2265
Early Childhood Programs SB 2323
Emergency Medical Services and Rural Ambulance Service Districts HB 1477
Federally Qualified Health Center Grants SB 2155
Grants for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics SB 2128
Guardianship Services SB 2035
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program SB 2287
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program(1) SB 2344
Medicaid Expenses(1) SB 2025
Medicaid Plan Amendments and Waivers HB 1261
Mental Health and Well-being Advisory Committee Recommendations SB 2322
Mental Health Awareness Services HB 1468
Pay for Success Fund HB 1480
Pilot Program for Support Services for Youth at Risk SB 2268
Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Website SB 2185
Public Health Division HB 1004
Recreation Services for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities SB 2215
Reimburse Child-placing Agencies for Costs of Home Study Reports HB 1375
Study of Basic Care and Assisted Living Facility and Licensure and Regulation SB 2283
Suicide Review Commission HB 1390
Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Assisted Living Facilities Regulation SB 2088
Assisted Living Facilities Regulation and Licensure SB 2283
Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force HB 1035
Autism Spectrum Disorder Voucher Program Pilot Project HB 1110
Basic Care Payment Rate Calculation SB 2283
Brain Injury Advisory Council Membership HB 1418
Certification of Recovery Residences SB 2152
Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics SB 2128
Child Abuse
Information Index, Disclosure of Records, Alternative Response Assessments, Prenatal Exposure SB 2103
Mandated Reporters HB 1144
Children's Cabinet Membership SB 2034
Children's Cabinet Membership(1) SB 2159
Child Support
Fees and Late Payments HB 1419
Guidelines as They Relate to Unemployment and Overtime HB 1443
Health Insurance Coverage HB 1458
Community Based Care Facility Staff SB 2079
Community Health Trust Fund HB 1004
Community Health Workers HB 1028
Community Health Workers Task Force HB 1028
Composition of Onsite Wastewater Recycling Technical Committee SB 2256
Comprehensive Emergency Cardiovascular Medical System SB 2085
Contingent Appropriation
Demolition of State Hospital Buildings SB 2026
Core Functions of Public Health Units SB 2153
Criminal History Record Checks
Children's Advocacy Centers SB 2051
Department Employees SB 2051
Designated Caregivers - Exemptions HB 1478
Family Foster Homes for Children SB 2051
Medical Marijuana Compassion Centers SB 2102
Psychiatric Facilities for Children SB 2051
Shelter Care Program Employees SB 2051
Volunteers and Students for Field Placement of Child-placing Agencies SB 2051
Cross-disability Advisory Council SB 2335
Cross-disability Advisory Council Created and Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force Repealed HB 1035
Data Collection System for Classroom and Hallway Clearings SB 2351
Deposit of Juul Labs, Inc. Judgment Funds HB 1004
Distribution of State Financial Assistance to Eligible Ambulance Service Operations HB 1294
Drug Use Review Board SB 2156
Evidence-based Alcohol and Drug Education Programs and Program Certification SB 2086
Grants for Substance Use Disorder Treatment SB 2166
Prescription Drug Reference Rate Pilot Program SB 2031
Substance Abuse Treatment Program Oversight HB 1050
Early Childhood
Child Care Assistance Program Eligibility and Benefit Rates SB 2190
Child Care Assistance Program Provider Payments, Approved Relative Providers SB 2084
Child Care Stabilization Program to Address Child Care Workforce Shortages SB 2301
Definition Excludes Programs of Department of Defense SB 2182
Providers Background Investigations SB 2238
Resource and Referral Service, Workforce Development, Inclusion Support, Best in Class Program, and Disclosure of Child Abuse and Neglect Confirmed Decisions SB 2104
Fair Housing to Employees as Required by Job Assignment HB 1051
Federal State Fiscal Recovery Fund Grants for Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Recovery Services SB 2166
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Council and Training and Screening for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder SB 2335
Final Disposition of Individuals Who Are Indigent SB 2139
Financial Assistance for Emergency Medical Services HB 1162
Food Insecurity Task Force HB 1471
Foster Care
Child-placing Agency Assessment SB 2080
Family Foster Care HB 1091
Foster Home for Adults Zoning Areas HB 1049
Foster Homes for Children and Treatment Centers for Trafficked Youth SB 2341
Indian Children HB 1536
Waiver of Certain Adoption Requirements for Licensed Foster Care Providers HB 1534
Funding for Guardianships HB 1048
Gambling Disorder Prevention, Awareness, Crisis Intervention, Rehabilitation, and Treatment Services SB 2077
Gender and Sex
Birth Records Including Biological Sex Designation HB 1139
Correction or Amendment of Birth Records HB 1297
Definition of Father, Female, Male, Mother, and Sex HB 1474
Urge Public Schools and Public Entities Distinguish Between Sexes According to Biological Sex HCR 3010
Health Care Directive Acceptance of Appointment as Agent SB 2125
Health Care Facility Life Safety Survey HB 1045
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program for Psychiatric Registered Nurse SB 2127
Health Council Membership and Duties SB 2227
Health Insurers Provide Certain Information to Department for Medical Assistance HB 1047
Homeless Youth Access to Birth Records SB 2379
Hours of Operation of the Office of Statistical Services HB 1220
Human Service Centers Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics HB 1027
Human Service Zones HB 1046
Immigration Workforce Advisory Board SB 2151
Individuals With Development Disabilities Administration of Programs, Including Establishment Funding for Family Members and Corporate Guardianships HB 1048
International Health Regulations Not Enforceable HB 1111
Life Skills and Transition Center SB 2052
Lodging Establishments Exemptions Include Assisted Living Facilities and Small Facilities SB 2082
Medical Assistance
Amendments or Waivers for Mental Disease Services HB 1261
Benefits for Pregnant Women SB 2071
Covered Services HB 1530
Family Adaptive Behavioral Treatment, Dental, and Applied Behavioral Analysis Covered Services HB 1530
Fraud Control Units HB 1434
Fraud Retention of Records Requirements HB 1435
Health Insurer Provision of Certain Information HB 1047
Primary Care Provider Program Repealed HB 1044
Prior Authorization SB 2156
Reimbursement of Community Health Workers HB 1029
Value-based Purchasing SB 2030
Waiver Services Eligibility of Legally Responsible Individuals SB 2276
Medical Marijuana
Appeal Process of Registry Identification Card SB 2078
Edible Cannabinoid Products HB 1164
Edibles HB 1202
Maximum Concentration or Amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol SB 2068
Medical Marijuana Certification and Application Fees SB 2201
Reapplication for Registered Identification Cards SB 2388
Self-certification of an Individual Sixty-five Years of Age or Older for the Medical Use of Marijuana HB 1478
Moratorium on Basic Care and Nursing Facility Bed Capacity HB 1290
Moratorium on Contract Nursing Services HB 1476
Multiple Changes Related to the Merger of the Department of Humans Services and State Department of Health HB 1165
Nursing Home Rate Adjustments HB 1322
Online Virtual Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Training HB 1312
Operation of State Hospital and Regional Human Service Centers SB 2083
Opioid Settlement Fund HB 1447
Parental Rights May Not Be Infringed Upon by Government SB 2188
Pregnancy Counseling Services HB 1509
Presumptive Eligibility for Medical Assistance Applicants HB 1396
Primary, Palliative, and Hospice Home-based Services SB 2332
Prohibiting Medical Gender Transitioning Procedures on a Minor HB 1301
Proof of Liability Insurance for Early Childhood Programs HB 1298
Proposed Studies
Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota SB 2158
Contract Nursing Agencies HB 1476
Long-term Health Effects of Vaccines for Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Messenger Ribonucleic Acid SB 2384
Open Adoption Policies SB 2321
Parentage and Adoption Practices in Use in the State SB 2327
Repealing Ability to Suspend Motor Vehicle Licenses for Nonpayment of Child Support SB 2219
Utilization of Federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Block Grant Funding Received by the State SB 2291
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility for Children Licensure and Admission HB 1043
Regulation of Community Health Workers HB 1029
Repeal Relating to Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force HB 1035
Repeal Statues Relating to the Health Division, State Health Council, a Biennial Report, and Reporting Sexually Transmitted Diseases HB 1165
Repeal Statute Relating to Maternity Homes SB 2081
Classroom Clearings and Hallway Clearings SB 2351
Community Health Care Worker Task Force HB 1028
Early Childhood Programs SB 2012
Standard Framework of Services for Child Victims of Human Trafficking SB 2341
Residential Rental Advisory Committee HB 1535
Rural Ambulance Service District Levies and Ambulance Operations Areas HB 1365
Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Certain Sales Made to Senior Citizen Organizations HB 1498
Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Certain Sales Made to Senior Citizen Organizations (1) HB 1210
Smoking in Bars and Cigar Lounges HB 1229
State Hospital Object SB 2272
Strategic Investment and Improvements Fund
Human Service Finance Fund SB 2012
Procurement and Grant Management, New State Hospital, Pregnant and Parenting Women Residential Facilities, and Southeast Human Service Center SB 2012
Suicide Fatality Review Commission HB 1390
Surviving Spouse's Duty of Final Disposition HB 1363
Suspension of an Operator's License for Nonpayment of Child Support SB 2219
Task Force on Guardianship Monitoring to Promote the Accountability of All Guardians SB 2345
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families HB 1036
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Medical Assistance for Pregnant Women SB 2181
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Coverage of Additional Children and Disregarded Earned Income Incentives SB 2087
Temporary Assistance of Needy Families Eligibility SB 2291
Treatment Centers for Trafficked Youth SB 2341
Adverse Event Data Publication HB 1207
Covid-19 Vaccinations and Emergency Use Vaccines HB 1200
Vaccination and Infection Information SB 2274
Vaccines and Medical Liability of a Governmental Entity HB 1406
Wastewater Treatment System Installers SB 2253
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