Major Topic Index - Penalties

Category Bill
Abortion and Grounds for Disciplinary Action Imposed Against a Physician SB 2150
Aggravated Assault, Harassment, Criminal Mischief for Bias Crimes HB 1537
Aggravated Manslaughter SB 2375
Allowing off Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on Thanksgiving HB 1335
Authorized Livestock Farm Corporation or Limited Liability Company HB 1371
Autocycles and Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol HB 1316
Bicycle and Animal Ridden Being Deemed a Vehicle HB 1506
Burn Restrictions HB 1053
Calculation of Interchange Fees for Electronic Payment Transactions SB 2217
Campaign Contribution Limitations and Disclosure Statements SB 2315
Civil Enforcement Remedies for Hemp SB 2096
Criminal History Record Checks
Auctioneers' and Clerks' Licenses HB 1191
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Wireless Communications SB 2105
Disclosure of Pending Decision HB 1059
Displaying Objectionable Materials or Performance to Minors SB 2123
Domestic Terrorism HB 1334
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Condominiums HB 1310
False Allegations of Sexual Harassment or Discrimination HB 1256
Father's Adoption Registry SB 2327
Fee for Failure to Adhere to the Right of Way Offenses HB 1325
Fees for Traffic Offenses SB 2169
Financial Institutions SB 2090
Gender and Sex
Parental Consent for Minors' Health Care Services, Fundamental Parental Rights, a School District's Obligation to Notify Parents of Rights to Education SB 2188
Prohibiting Medical Gender Transitioning Procedures on a Minor HB 1301
Prohibition of Certain Practices Against a Minor Regarding Perception of Sex HB 1254
References to Gender SB 2199
Grading of Theft Offenses and Criminal Mischief HB 1378
Illegal Aliens and Private Employment HB 1527
Imposition of Fines for Gaming Violations SB 2271
Increased Penalties for Drug Offenses Within Three Hundred Feet of a Public Park HB 1459
Invalid Signatures on an Initiated Ballot HB 1230
Large Expenditure Disclosure Statements Required of Political Committees SB 2312
Licenses for Mobile Home Park and Disclosures to Tenants SB 2243
Limitations on Civil Actions Alleging Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Gross Sexual Imposition, or Childhood Sexual Abuse SB 2282
Mandated Intervention Program for Domestic Violence Offenders HB 1269
Mandatory Prison Terms SB 2107
Mandatory Term of Imprisonment for Manufacturing or Delivering Fentanyl SB 2248
Medicaid Fraud Retention of Records Requirements HB 1435
Money Brokers SB 2090
Money Transmitters SB 2119
Motorboat Identification Numbers and Boating Regulations SB 2382
Motorcycle Ride Poker Run and Dice Roll Requirements HB 1152
Payment for Production From Wells HB 1520
Petition for Adoption and Relinquishment of Parental Rights SB 2327
Placement or Location of a Beehive SB 2134
Practice of Naturopathic Medicine SB 2221
Prescription Drug Reference Rate SB 2031
Presumptive Probation HB 1490
Prohibiting a Forced or Coerced Abortion HB 1171
Prohibiting Possession of Public Employe Personnel Documents HB 1442
Prohibiting the Use of Vaccines Developed Using Messenger Ribonucleic Acid in the State SB 2384
Prohibition on Access to a Brewer Taproom for an Individual Under Twenty-one Years of Age SB 2363
Prohibition on Requiring a Vaccination HB 1505
Prosecution and Punishment for the Offense of Official Oppression by the Intrusive Touching of Persons Seeking Access to Passenger Aircraft HB 1410
Prosecution for Gross Sexual Imposition HB 1145
Real Estate
Appraisers HB 1107
Residential Mortgage Lenders SB 2090
Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer HB 1068
Reflexologists SB 2065
Reimbursement for a Finding of Self Defense HB 1213
Repeal of Statutes Relating to Pleas of Once in Jeopardy SB 2106
Requirements to Cease Cloud Seeding HB 1166
Restrictions on Adult-oriented Performances HB 1333
Riding a Bicycle Under the Influence HB 1506
Sales of Tobacco Products HB 1357
Scrap Metal Dealers SB 2174
Scrap Metal Dealers (1) SB 2299
Sealing of Criminal Records HB 1130
Sentencing for Mass Murder HB 1122
Sexual Reproductive Imposition HB 1140
Simple Assault
Assault on Health Care Facility Employee HB 1121
Smaller Subsurface Water Management Systems HB 1239
Snowmobile Registration Exemption and Penalties HB 1346
Special Penalty for Manufacturing or Delivering Fentanyl SB 2248
Special Permits for Vehicles of Excessive Size HB 1181
Stalking and Domestic Violence Protection Orders HB 1268
State Seed Department Issuance of Civil Penalties SB 2062
Statute of Limitations for Prosecuting Sex Crimes Who Develop a Disabling Mental Condition HB 1145
Theft of Property HB 1143
Tobacco Manufacturer Escrow Accounts HB 1274
Traffic Violations
Addition of Penalty to Traffic Signs SB 2350
Speeding Violations SB 2168
Transporting Aggregate Material HB 1253
Yield to Right of Way for Stationary Motor Vehicles HB 1141
Uniform Regulation of Occupations and Professions SB 2184
Wastewater Treatment System Installers SB 2253
Water Permit Thresholds for Dikes, Dams, and Other Devices HB 1076
Armed Offenders - Right to Possess Firearms HB 1350
Carrying a Concealed Firearm on College Campus HB 1404
Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Certain Vehicles HB 1339
Financial Institutions Use of Merchant Codes to Track Firearm and Ammunition-related Purchases HB 1487
Possession of a Firearm at a Public Gathering SB 2355
Possession of a Firearm at a Public Gathering, Federal Building, or Court House HB 1483
Wearing a Life Preserver While Barefoot Skiing or Surfing HB 1366
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