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Legislative Day 19 January 30, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1029 Committee hearing HJ38
HB 1030 Committee report HJ216
HB 1031 Committee report HJ218
HB 1048 Committee report HJ216
HB 1060 Returned to House HJ221
HB 1063 Committee report HJ216
HB 1081 Passed HJ212
HB 1089 Amendment adopted HJ211
HB 1091 Returned to House HJ221
HB 1130 Returned to House HJ221
HB 1154 Committee report HJ218
HB 1157 Committee report HJ217
HB 1163 Committee report HJ217
HB 1165 Committee report HJ219
HB 1173 Reconsider HJ211
HB 1173 Failed HJ211
HB 1178 Committee report HJ217
HB 1179 Committee hearing HJ75
HB 1191 Committee hearing HJ79
HB 1194 Committee report HJ217
HB 1196 Committee hearing HJ84
HB 1197 Committee report HJ218
HB 1199 Committee hearing HJ85
HB 1213 Committee report HJ219
HB 1214 Committee hearing HJ89
HB 1219 Failed HJ213
HB 1222 Committee hearing HJ90
HB 1228 Failed HJ213
HB 1229 Failed HJ214
HB 1230 Passed HJ214
HB 1234 Passed HJ214
HB 1240 Committee hearing HJ92
HB 1244 Committee report HJ218
HB 1247 Committee hearing HJ92
HB 1248 Passed HJ215
HB 1251 Passed HJ215
HB 1255 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1267 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1271 Committee hearing HJ95
HB 1274 Committee report HJ218
HB 1281 Committee hearing HJ96
HB 1282 Committee hearing HJ96
HB 1283 Committee report HJ219
HB 1284 Passed HJ212
HB 1288 Committee hearing HJ96
HB 1290 Committee hearing HJ96
HB 1292 Committee report HJ219
HB 1294 Committee hearing HJ97
HB 1297 Committee report HJ219
HB 1300 Committee hearing HJ97
HB 1301 Committee hearing HJ97
HB 1305 Committee hearing HJ98
HB 1307 Committee hearing HJ98
HB 1315 Committee report HJ219
HB 1323 Amendment adopted HJ211
HB 1324 Amendment adopted HJ211
HB 1328 Committee hearing HJ100
HB 1331 Committee report HJ219
HB 1339 Committee hearing HJ107
HB 1342 Committee hearing HJ115
HB 1344 Committee report HJ219
HB 1345 Committee report HJ219
HB 1350 Committee report HJ219
HB 1360 Committee hearing HJ125
HB 1369 Committee hearing HJ133
HB 1385 Committee hearing HJ134
HB 1388 Committee hearing HJ134
HB 1390 Committee report HJ218
HB 1403 Committee hearing HJ136
HB 1410 Committee hearing HJ136
HB 1416 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1417 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1425 Committee report HJ219
HB 1428 Committee report HJ218
HB 1443 Committee report HJ219
HB 1447 Committee report HJ219
HB 1449 Committee report HJ219
HB 1460 Committee report HJ220
HB 1461 Committee hearing HJ141
HB 1466 Committee report HJ220
HB 1474 Request return from committee HJ212
HB 1474 Withdrawn HJ212
SB 2041 Introduced HJ220
SB 2043 Introduced HJ220
SB 2048 Introduced HJ220
SB 2049 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2055 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2057 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2058 Introduced HJ220
SB 2077 Introduced HJ220
SB 2082 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2090 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2137 Introduced HJ220
SB 2138 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2150 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2170 Introduced HJ220
SB 2201 Introduced HJ220
SB 2290 Received from Senate HJ221
SB 2307 Received from Senate HJ221
SCR 4004 Introduced HJ220
SCR 4008 Received from Senate HJ221
SCR 4009 Introduced HJ220