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Legislative Day 27 February 11, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1001 Passed HJ356
HB 1002 Committee report HJ358
HB 1004 Committee report HJ358
HB 1016 Passed HJ343
HB 1022 Passed HJ344
HB 1023 Committee report HJ360
HB 1024 Committee report HJ362
HB 1034 Laid over HJ343
HB 1035 Committee hearing HJ277
HB 1036 Committee hearing HJ277
HB 1046 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1058 Committee report HJ363
HB 1059 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1059 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1060 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1060 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1071 Committee report HJ364
HB 1074 Passed HJ344
HB 1080 Committee report HJ369
HB 1091 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1091 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1108 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1108 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1111 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1113 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1113 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1126 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1126 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1130 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1130 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1142 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1146 Passed HJ345
HB 1146 Emergency clause carried HJ345
HB 1148 Governor signed HJ350
HB 1148 Filed with Secretary of State HJ350
HB 1153 Committee hearing HJ50
HB 1159 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1162 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1176 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1180 Committee hearing HJ310
HB 1184 Committee report HJ369
HB 1189 Committee report HJ369
HB 1193 Committee hearing HJ79
HB 1225 Passed HJ348
HB 1227 Passed HJ348
HB 1249 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1253 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1258 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1265 Committee report HJ364
HB 1267 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1271 Failed HJ348
HB 1277 Committee report HJ369
HB 1281 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1282 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1294 Passed HJ349
HB 1295 Committee report HJ369
HB 1300 Failed HJ350
HB 1306 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1313 Committee report HJ369
HB 1314 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1319 Failed HJ350
HB 1326 Failed HJ345
HB 1329 Committee report HJ369
HB 1332 Committee report HJ365
HB 1337 Committee hearing HJ107
HB 1342 Committee report HJ365
HB 1346 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1347 Committee hearing HJ115
HB 1348 Committee hearing HJ115
HB 1352 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1355 Laid over HJ343
HB 1357 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1358 Passed HJ351
HB 1360 Reconsider HJ356 HJ357
HB 1360 Passed HJ357
HB 1361 Failed HJ346
HB 1369 Committee report HJ369
HB 1370 Committee report HJ368
HB 1372 Committee hearing HJ133
HB 1381 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1398 Committee report HJ370
HB 1404 Failed HJ351
HB 1405 Passed HJ354
HB 1408 Failed HJ354
HB 1410 Committee report HJ369
HB 1411 Laid over HJ343
HB 1412 Passed HJ346
HB 1420 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1421 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1423 Failed HJ355
HB 1427 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1427 Rereferred HJ343
HB 1430 Failed HJ356
HB 1433 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1433 Rereferred HJ343
HB 1434 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1436 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1437 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1438 Failed HJ352
HB 1439 Committee report HJ370
HB 1442 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1443 Failed HJ352
HB 1446 Failed HJ352
HB 1447 Failed HJ352
HB 1448 Committee hearing HJ140
HB 1449 Failed HJ347
HB 1452 Failed HJ347
HB 1454 Committee report HJ370
HB 1462 Committee hearing HJ141
HB 1464 Failed HJ347
HB 1469 Amendment adopted HJ343
HB 1472 Laid over HJ343
HB 1472 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1472 Failed HJ355
HB 1475 Committee hearing HJ142
HB 1477 Committee report HJ370
SB 2009 Introduced HJ370
SB 2045 Introduced HJ370
SB 2070 Committee hearing HJ151
SB 2088 Introduced HJ371
SB 2089 Committee hearing HJ104
SB 2108 Introduced HJ370
SB 2204 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2207 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2236 Introduced (emergency) HJ371
SB 2255 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2286 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2287 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2339 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2347 Committee report HJ370
SB 2361 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2370 Introduced HJ371
SB 2372 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2373 Received from Senate HJ373
SB 2398 Received from Senate HJ373
HCR 3025 Committee hearing HJ208
HCR 3028 Committee hearing HJ209
HCR 3030 Committee report HJ370
HCR 3031 Committee report HJ370
HCR 3032 Committee report HJ370
HCR 3034 Introduced HJ342
HCR 3037 Introduced HJ370
HCR 3038 Introduced HJ370
SCR 4010 Committee hearing HJ247
SCR 4019 Introduced HJ371