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Legislative Day 8 January 15, 1997

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1055 Received from House SJ67
HB 1055 Introduced SJ79
HB 1105 Received from House SJ75
SB 2003 Committee hearing SJ25 SJ25 SJ25 SJ25 SJ25 SJ25
SB 2032 Committee report SJ77
SB 2043 Committee hearing SJ29
SB 2046 Committee hearing SJ30
SB 2062 Committee hearing SJ31
SB 2067 Amendment adopted SJ75
SB 2070 Committee report SJ77
SB 2075 Amendment adopted SJ75
SB 2076 Amendment adopted SJ75
SB 2095 Committee report SJ78
SB 2096 Committee report SJ78
SB 2103 Passed SJ75
SB 2112 Amendment adopted SJ75
SB 2117 Passed SJ76
SB 2122 Committee hearing SJ38
SB 2123 Passed SJ76
SB 2129 Committee hearing SJ39
SB 2129 Committee report SJ78
SB 2133 Committee hearing SJ40
SB 2134 Passed SJ76
SB 2143 Committee hearing SJ56
SB 2175 Introduced SJ78
SB 2176 Introduced SJ78
SB 2177 Introduced SJ78
SB 2178 Introduced SJ78
SB 2179 Introduced SJ78
SB 2180 Introduced SJ78
SB 2181 Introduced SJ78
SB 2182 Introduced (emergency) SJ79
SB 2183 Introduced SJ79
SCR 4003 Committee report SJ78
SCR 4010 Introduced SJ79