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Legislative Day 52 March 24, 2003

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1003 Committee hearing SJ596
HB 1017 Committee hearing SJ597
HB 1019 Committee hearing SJ597
HB 1020 Committee hearing SJ598
HB 1024 Laid over SJ881
HB 1050 Committee report SJ890
HB 1060 Committee report SJ891
HB 1079 Rereferred SJ881
HB 1087 Amendment adopted SJ882
HB 1158 Passed SJ882
HB 1158 Emergency clause carried SJ882
HB 1206 Committee report SJ892
HB 1238 Passed SJ883
HB 1255 Committee report SJ892
HB 1256 Committee report SJ892
HB 1257 Committee report SJ892
HB 1260 Committee report SJ892
HB 1263 Passed SJ884
HB 1271 Amendment adopted SJ882
HB 1282 Committee report SJ892
HB 1299 Passed SJ883
HB 1309 Amendment adopted SJ882
HB 1320 Committee report SJ892
HB 1330 Committee report SJ892
HB 1358 Amendment adopted SJ882
HB 1360 Committee hearing SJ506
HB 1360 Committee report SJ893
HB 1372 Committee report SJ893
HB 1391 Amendment adopted SJ881
HB 1391 Rereferred SJ881
HB 1394 Committee report SJ893
HB 1416 Committee report SJ893
HB 1420 Committee report SJ895
HB 1423 Passed SJ884
HB 1424 Committee hearing SJ602
HB 1424 Committee report SJ895
HB 1439 Amended on floor SJ885
HB 1439 Amendment adopted SJ885
HB 1439 Passed SJ887
HB 1475 Committee report SJ895
HB 1486 Passed SJ883
HB 1488 Failed SJ884
SB 2053 Filed with Secretary of State SJ889
SB 2138 Filed with Secretary of State SJ889
SB 2185 Filed with Secretary of State SJ889
SB 2196 Returned to Senate SJ890
SB 2224 Governor signed SJ905
SB 2224 Filed with Secretary of State SJ905
SB 2269 Filed with Secretary of State SJ889
SB 2318 Filed with Secretary of State SJ889
SB 2390 Delivered to Governor SJ889
HCR 3008 Committee hearing SJ510
HCR 3008 Committee report SJ895
HCR 3023 Committee report SJ895
HCR 3027 Amendment adopted SJ882
HCR 3038 Passed SJ888
HCR 3040 Amendment adopted SJ882
HCR 3041 Amendment adopted SJ882
HCR 3047 Failed SJ888
HCR 3048 Passed SJ888
HCR 3053 Committee report SJ895
HCR 3055 Committee report SJ895
HCR 3056 Committee report SJ895
HCR 3062 Passed SJ889
HCR 3063 Committee report SJ896
HCR 3064 Passed SJ889
HCR 3075 Passed SJ889
HCR 3076 Committee report SJ896