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Legislative Day 21 February 03, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1019 Committee report HJ245
HB 1030 Passed HJ236
HB 1039 Committee hearing HJ175
HB 1048 Passed HJ236
HB 1052 Committee hearing HJ165
HB 1054 Committee hearing HJ187
HB 1060 Speaker signed HJ247
HB 1063 Passed HJ237
HB 1076 Committee report HJ240
HB 1090 Committee report HJ241
HB 1091 Speaker signed HJ247
HB 1110 Committee report HJ245
HB 1112 Committee report HJ241
HB 1130 Speaker signed HJ247
HB 1132 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1135 Committee report HJ242
HB 1144 Committee report HJ245
HB 1146 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1147 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1157 Failed HJ236
HB 1158 Committee report HJ242
HB 1174 Laid over HJ235
HB 1178 Passed HJ238
HB 1179 Committee report HJ245
HB 1185 Committee report HJ242
HB 1194 Passed HJ238
HB 1197 Passed HJ238
HB 1199 Committee report HJ245
HB 1199 Rereferred HJ245
HB 1205 Committee report HJ245
HB 1209 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1220 Committee report HJ242
HB 1224 Committee report HJ243
HB 1235 Committee report HJ245
HB 1238 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1240 Committee report HJ245
HB 1244 Failed HJ239
HB 1247 Committee report HJ245
HB 1250 Committee report HJ245
HB 1261 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1263 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1264 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1265 Committee hearing HJ94
HB 1270 Committee hearing HJ95
HB 1274 Laid over HJ239
HB 1288 Committee report HJ245
HB 1290 Committee report HJ245
HB 1296 Committee report HJ245
HB 1305 Committee report HJ245
HB 1309 Committee report HJ245
HB 1321 Committee hearing HJ99
HB 1328 Committee report HJ246
HB 1339 Committee report HJ246
HB 1339 Rereferred HJ246
HB 1343 Committee report HJ243
HB 1349 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1359 Committee report HJ246
HB 1360 Committee report HJ246
HB 1363 Request return from committee HJ235
HB 1363 Withdrawn HJ235
HB 1366 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1376 Committee hearing HJ133
HB 1379 Committee report HJ244
HB 1380 Amendment adopted HJ235
HB 1383 Committee hearing HJ134
HB 1390 Passed HJ239
HB 1393 Committee hearing HJ135
HB 1399 Committee hearing HJ135
HB 1415 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1422 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1428 Passed HJ240
HB 1444 Committee report HJ244
HB 1449 Rereferred HJ235
HB 1452 Committee hearing HJ140
HB 1453 Committee hearing HJ140
HB 1463 Committee hearing HJ141
HB 1464 Committee hearing HJ141
HB 1467 Committee hearing HJ141
HB 1468 Committee hearing HJ141
HB 1479 Committee report HJ246
SB 2018 Introduced HJ246
SB 2032 Introduced HJ246
SB 2068 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2084 Introduced HJ246
SB 2091 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2102 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2115 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2118 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2135 Received from Senate HJ246
SB 2149 Received from Senate HJ246
SB 2151 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2175 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2194 Introduced HJ246
SB 2208 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2235 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2237 Received from Senate HJ249
SB 2250 Introduced HJ246
SB 2280 Introduced HJ246
SB 2281 Introduced HJ246
SB 2303 Received from Senate HJ249
HCR 3001 Committee report HJ246
HCR 3010 Committee hearing HJ100
HCR 3017 Committee hearing HJ197
HCR 3031 Introduced HJ246
SCR 4010 Introduced HJ247