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Legislative Day 24 February 06, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1028 Passed HJ278
HB 1028 Emergency clause carried HJ278
HB 1033 Amendment adopted HJ277
HB 1035 Amendment adopted HJ277
HB 1035 Rereferred HJ277
HB 1036 Amendment adopted HJ277
HB 1036 Rereferred HJ277
HB 1037 Committee report HJ281
HB 1038 Committee report HJ282
HB 1054 Committee report HJ282
HB 1059 Speaker signed HJ284
HB 1078 Rereferred HJ277
HB 1103 Passed HJ278
HB 1108 Speaker signed HJ284
HB 1113 Speaker signed HJ284
HB 1123 Committee report HJ282
HB 1126 Speaker signed HJ284
HB 1134 Passed HJ279
HB 1148 Speaker signed HJ284
HB 1160 Passed HJ279
HB 1204 Request return from committee HJ277
HB 1204 Withdrawn HJ277
HB 1204 Committee hearing HJ277
HB 1208 Committee hearing HJ85
HB 1212 Committee report HJ282
HB 1243 Requested House to return HJ277
HB 1243 Rereferred HJ277
HB 1245 Committee hearing HJ92
HB 1249 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1252 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1260 Committee report HJ282
HB 1261 Committee report HJ282
HB 1291 Committee report HJ282
HB 1302 Committee hearing HJ97
HB 1308 Amendment adopted HJ277
HB 1314 Committee hearing HJ99
HB 1316 Committee report HJ281
HB 1365 Committee report HJ282
HB 1373 Committee hearing HJ133
HB 1381 Committee hearing HJ134
HB 1384 Committee report HJ282
HB 1391 Committee hearing HJ134
HB 1394 Committee hearing HJ135
HB 1395 Committee hearing HJ135
HB 1396 Committee hearing HJ135
HB 1397 Committee hearing HJ135
HB 1404 Committee hearing HJ136
HB 1411 Committee hearing HJ136
HB 1413 Committee hearing HJ136
HB 1414 Amendment adopted HJ277
HB 1418 Amendment adopted HJ277
HB 1419 Committee report HJ282
HB 1420 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1421 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1423 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1424 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1426 Committee hearing HJ137
HB 1430 Committee report HJ282
HB 1433 Committee hearing HJ138
HB 1434 Committee hearing HJ138
HB 1435 Committee hearing HJ138
HB 1436 Committee hearing HJ138
HB 1437 Committee hearing HJ139
HB 1446 Committee report HJ283
HB 1457 Committee report HJ283
HB 1473 Committee report HJ283
HB 1482 Passed HJ280
SB 2007 Introduced HJ283
SB 2011 Introduced (emergency) HJ283
SB 2074 Introduced HJ283
SB 2116 Introduced HJ283
SB 2122 Introduced HJ283
SB 2136 Introduced HJ283
SB 2141 Introduced HJ283
SB 2162 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2164 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2172 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2184 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2185 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2195 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2199 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2205 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2215 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2217 Introduced HJ283
SB 2238 Introduced HJ284
SB 2239 Introduced HJ283
SB 2266 Introduced HJ283
SB 2272 Introduced HJ283
SB 2285 Received from Senate HJ312
SB 2288 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2312 Received from Senate HJ293
SB 2347 Received from Senate HJ293
HCR 3003 Speaker signed HJ284
HCR 3004 Speaker signed HJ284
HCR 3005 Speaker signed HJ284
HCR 3007 Speaker signed HJ284
HCR 3012 Committee hearing HJ143