Major Topic Index - Appropriations

Category Bill
Adjutant General
Agency Appropriation SB 2016
Infrastructure Projects and Programs SB 2307
Loan Repayment Disaster and Protest Costs SB 2025
National Guard Training Center SB 2234
Snow Removal Grants SB 2183
Statewide Interoperable Radio Network HB 1242
Aeronautics Commission
Agency Appropriation HB 1006
Agriculture Commissioner
Agency Appropriation SB 2009
Agriculture Infrastructure Fund HB 1148
Annual Salary SB 2009
Grasslands Grazing Grants SB 2290
Loan Repayment Emergency Feed Transportation Program SB 2025
Native Pollinating Insects HB 1258
Post-production Royalty Oversight Program SB 2194
Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Attorney General
Agency Appropriation SB 2003
Black the Blue Grant Program HB 1307
Crime Laboratory SB 2131
Domestic Violence Medical Examination Grant Program SB 2202
Law Enforcement Resiliency Grant Program SB 2213
Law Enforcement Staffing Grant Program HB 1415
Peace Officer Appreciation Grant Program HB 1184
Prosecution Witness Fees SB 2025
Retired Law Enforcement Dogs HB 1388
Bank of North Dakota
Agriculture Diversification and Development Fund HB 1276
Bulk Propane Tank Revolving Loan Fund SB 2242
Immigration Workforce Loan Program SB 2151
Immigration Workforce Loans SB 2151
Small Business Revolving Loan Fund HB 1420
Board of Higher Education
Nursing Program Matching Grants SB 2288
Re-energize North Dakota Scholarship SB 2197
Workforce Education Innovation Program HB 1241
Board of University and School Lands
Agency Appropriation HB 1013
Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents
Agency Appropriation HB 1022
Committee on Protection and Advocacy
Agency Appropriation SB 2014
Council on the Arts
Agency Appropriation HB 1010
Dakota College at Bottineau
Education Program Reimbursement SB 2025
Department of Agriculture
Ombudsman Program Fund SB 2194
Department of Career and Technical Education
Agency Appropriation HB 1019
Career Exploration Software HB 1232
Statewide Area and Career Center Initiative Grant Program HB 1199
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Department of Commerce
Agency Appropriation HB 1018
Air Force Base Air National Guard Retention Grant Funding SB 2240
Creation of Regional Livestock Planning Grants HB 1437
Downtown Hospital Building Grant Program and Rural Workforce Hospital Grant Program SB 2342
Federal State Fiscal Recovery Fund for Grants for Substance Use Disorder Treatment SB 2166
Historic Opera House Restoration Grant Program HB 1209
Office of Health Care Immigration SB 2142
Pregnancy Resource Services SB 2195
Rural Grocery Store Sustainability and Food Access Expansion Pilot Grant Program SB 2273
Rural Workforce Housing Grants HB 1496
Workforce Development and Enrichment Fund HB 1379
Workforce Development Training Grants for New Americans HB 1421
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Agency Appropriation HB 1015
Land Purchase and Sale HB 1433
Department of Emergency Services
Hazard Mitigation Revolving Loan Fund (1) HB 1070
Statewide Interoperable Radio Network HB 1242
Department of Environmental Quality
Agency Appropriation HB 1024
Department of Financial Institutions
Administering and Enforcing Laws, Rules, and Regulations Relating to Residential Mortgage Loan Servicers HB 1068
Agency Appropriation HB 1008
Department of Health and Human Services
988 Crisis Hotline SB 2149
Adoption Assistance Program for Costs Associated With the Home Study Process SB 2230
Agency Appropriation SB 2012
Agency Appropriation Public Health Division HB 1004
Alternatives to Abortion Program SB 2129
Basic Care Payment System SB 2283
Behavioral Health Loan Repayment Program SB 2127
Behavioral Health Primary Prevention Initiative Grants SB 2322
Community Health Care Worker Task Force HB 1028
Continuum of Home Based Services SB 2332
Corporate Guardianship Rates SB 2345
Cross-disability Advisory Council HB 1035
Demolition of State Hospital Buildings SB 2026
Dual Special Needs Plan for Medicaid SB 2265
Early Childhood Programs SB 2323
Emergency Medical Services and Rural Ambulance Service Districts HB 1477
Establish and Maintain the Alternatives-to-abortion Program SB 2129
Federally Qualified Health Center Grants SB 2155
From the American Rescue Plan Act for Alternatives to Abortion Program SB 2129
Grants for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics SB 2128
Guardianship Services SB 2035
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program SB 2287
Health Care Professional Student Loan Repayment Program(1) SB 2344
Medicaid Expenses SB 2025
Medicaid Plan Amendments or Waivers Related to Institutions for Mental Diseases HB 1261
Mental Health and Well-being Advisory Committee Recommendations SB 2322
Mental Health Awareness Services HB 1468
Opioid Settlement Fund Remediation and Abatement HB 1447
Pilot Program for Support Services for Youth at Risk SB 2268
Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Website SB 2185
Recreation Services for Individuals With Development Disabilities SB 2215
Reimburse Child-placing Agencies for Costs of Home Studies HB 1375
Study of Basic Care and Assisted Living Facility Licensure and Regulation SB 2283
Study of Basic Care Payment Rates SB 2283
Suicide Fatality Review Commission HB 1390
Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Department of Labor and Human Rights SB 2007
Department of Public Instruction
Agency Appropriation SB 2013
Dyslexia Screening Program HB 1306
Educational Reimbursement Program HB 1532
Integrated Formula Payments SB 2346
Integrated School Aid Formula Payments SB 2346
Integrated State Aid Formula Payments SB 2346
Providing Administrative Cost-sharing Reimbursements to Eligible Cooperating School Districts and Special Education Units in the State SB 2380
Supporting Professional Learning Related to the Science Behind Reading and Implementing Systematic Direct Literacy Instruction SB 2284
Department of Transportation
Agency Appropriation HB 1012
Alleviate Flooding Impacts HB 1217
Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund HB 1103
Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants(1) HB 1519
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Agency Appropriation HB 1025
Fisher House HB 1157
Military Honors Funeral Funds and Reimbursement HB 1182
Department of Water Resources
Agency Appropriation SB 2020
Ethics Commission
Agency Appropriation SB 2024
Special Assistant Attorney General Fees SB 2025
Extension Service
Agency Appropriation HB 1020
Game and Fish Department
Agency Appropriation SB 2017
Contingent Appropriation for Recovering America's Wildlife Act SB 2017
Agency Appropriation SB 2001
Higher Education
Matching Grants for the Advancement of Academics at Institutions of Higher Education HB 1033
Student Financial Assistance Grants HB 1031
Highway Patrol
Agency Appropriation HB 1011
Indian Affairs Commission
Agency Appropriation HB 1005
Industrial Commission
Agency Appropriation HB 1014
Clean Natural Gas Capture and Emissions Reduction Fund Grants SB 2089
Post-production Royalty Oversight Program SB 2194
Uncrewed Aircraft System, Autonomous Vehicle, or Other Autonomous Technology Grants HB 1519
Unmanned Aircraft System Grants HB 1519
Information Technology Department
Agency Appropriation HB 1021
Information Technology Department Standards and Services
Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Project HB 1242
Insurance Commissioner
Agency Appropriation SB 2010
Job Service North Dakota
Agency Appropriation HB 1016
Computer Modernization HB 1016
Judicial Branch
Agency Appropriation HB 1002
Annual Salaries HB 1002
Transfer of Clerks of Court SB 2277
Legacy Fund Earnings
County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1147
Legislative Branch
Agency Appropriation HB 1001
Salary of Legislators HB 1001
Legislative Council
Legislator Education Training Accounts HB 1395
North Dakota State University
Maintenance of North Dakota State University HB 1525
North Dakota University System HB 1003
Occupations and Professions
Auctioneers' and Clerks' Licenses HB 1191
Office of Administrative Hearings
Agency Appropriation HB 1017
Office of Management and Budget
Agency Appropriation SB 2015
Clean Sustainable Energy Fund SB 2165
Grants for Indigent Guardianship Services SB 2345
Guardianship Services SB 2035
Infrastructure Projects and Programs SB 2307
Judgment Expenses SB 2025
Oil and Gas Tax Revenue Hedging Fund HB 1399
Small Business Diversity Revolving Loan Fund HB 1420
Supreme Court Building Oversight Committee HB 1397
Parks and Recreations Department
Agency Appropriation SB 2019
Public Employees Retirement System
Agency Appropriation SB 2023
Contingent Funding for Full-time Equivalent Positions SB 2023
Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Retirement Plans HB 1040
Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Retirement Plans (1) HB 1039
Reducing Unfunded Liability of the Public Employees Retirement System Main System Plan SB 2239
Unfunded Liability of Pers Main Plan HB 1486
Public Service Commission
Agency Appropriation SB 2008
Racing Commission
Agency Appropriation HB 1023
Retirement and Investment Office
Agency Appropriation SB 2022
School for the Blind
Agency Appropriation SB 2013
School for the Deaf
Agency Appropriation SB 2013
Secretary of State
Agency Appropriation SB 2002
Election System Upgrades HB 1529
Securities Department
Agency Appropriation SB 2011
Vulnerable Adult Restitution Fund SB 2325
State Auditor
Agency Appropriation SB 2004
State Board of Higher Education
Back to College Grants HB 1470
North Dakota Scholarship HB 1451
State Fair Association
Agency Appropriation HB 1009
State Historical Society
Agency Appropriation SB 2018
Gifts, Grants, and Bequests SB 2018
Protection of Prehistoric Sites and Deposits SB 2018
Whitestone Hill Native American Memorial HB 1287
State Library
Agency Appropriation SB 2013
State Tax Commissioner
Agency Appropriation SB 2006
State Treasurer
Agency Appropriation SB 2005
Community Health Trust Fund HB 1477
County and Township Bridge Fund Grants HB 1379
Distribution to Counties Under Senior Citizens Property Tax Credit HB 1380
Economic Diversification Research Fund and County and Township Bridge Fund HB 1379
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Agency Appropriation SB 2013
Expansion of the Teacher Support Program SB 2250
Grants for Free Lunches HB 1491
North Dakota Governor's Schools SB 2200
Paraprofessional-to-teacher Program SB 2032
Pilot Program to Provide Stipends for Teachers Who Teach a Foreign Language SB 2354
Teacher Shortage Loan Forgiveness SB 2033
Supreme Court
Task Force on Guardianship Monitoring to Promote the Accountability of All Guardians SB 2345
Tax Commissioner
Annual Salary SB 2006
Development of an Online Portal for Electronically Accessible Statewide Property Information HB 1225
Paying the State Reimbursement Under the Homestead Tax Credit SB 2136
University of North Dakota
Maintenance of the University of North Dakota HB 1525
Reimbursement for Fraudulent Payments SB 2025
Veterans' Home
Agency Appropriation HB 1007
Workforce Safety and Insurance
Agency Appropriation SB 2021
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