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Legislative Day 40 March 05, 1997

Senate Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1005 President signed SJ649
HB 1012 Committee hearing SJ608
HB 1033 Passed SJ651
HB 1033 Emergency clause carried SJ651
HB 1044 Committee hearing SJ86
HB 1046 Committee hearing SJ433
HB 1047 Committee hearing SJ609
HB 1048 Committee hearing SJ229
HB 1048 Committee report SJ654
HB 1049 Passed SJ652
HB 1056 President signed SJ649
HB 1094 President signed SJ649
HB 1098 Committee report SJ654
HB 1102 President signed SJ649
HB 1118 President signed SJ649
HB 1131 Committee report SJ654
HB 1133 President signed SJ649
HB 1134 Committee report SJ654
HB 1143 Amendment adopted SJ650
HB 1144 President signed SJ649
HB 1147 Committee hearing SJ250
HB 1149 Failed SJ652
HB 1160 Committee hearing SJ291
HB 1180 Committee report SJ654
HB 1193 Committee report SJ654
HB 1197 Committee report SJ654
HB 1223 Committee report SJ654
HB 1225 Committee report SJ655
HB 1237 Committee hearing SJ569
HB 1238 Committee report SJ655
HB 1240 Passed SJ651
HB 1242 Committee hearing SJ188
HB 1246 Committee hearing SJ188
HB 1247 President signed SJ649
HB 1250 President signed SJ649
HB 1254 President signed SJ649
HB 1265 Committee hearing SJ5699
HB 1265 Committee report SJ655
HB 1268 Committee hearing SJ569
HB 1272 President signed SJ649
HB 1274 Committee hearing SJ607
HB 1276 Passed SJ653
HB 1281 President signed SJ649
HB 1282 President signed SJ649
HB 1284 President signed SJ649
HB 1292 Committee hearing SJ321
HB 1297 Committee hearing SJ321
HB 1299 Committee report SJ655
HB 1301 Amendment adopted SJ651
HB 1315 Committee report SJ655
HB 1328 President signed SJ649
HB 1336 Passed SJ653
HB 1349 Committee hearing SJ268
HB 1349 Committee report SJ655
HB 1351 Committee hearing SJ571
HB 1357 Committee hearing SJ571
HB 1364 Committee hearing SJ571
HB 1366 President signed SJ649
HB 1383 Committee hearing SJ571
HB 1392 Passed SJ653
HB 1393 Committee report SJ655
HB 1402 Committee hearing SJ572
HB 1428 Committee hearing SJ238
HB 1440 Committee hearing SJ573
HB 1441 Failed SJ652
HB 1466 Committee report SJ656
HB 1470 Committee report SJ656
SB 2024 President signed SJ649
SB 2025 President signed SJ649
SB 2035 President signed SJ649
SB 2038 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2039 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2044 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2048 President signed SJ649
SB 2049 President signed SJ649
SB 2055 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2059 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2069 President signed SJ649
SB 2075 President signed SJ649
SB 2077 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2079 President signed SJ649
SB 2085 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2103 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2107 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2111 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2123 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2126 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2162 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2164 President signed SJ649
SB 2201 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2205 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2212 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2245 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2277 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2316 Returned to Senate SJ649
SB 2334 Governor signed SJ657
SB 2337 Returned to Senate SJ649
HCR 3014 President signed SJ649
HCR 3016 Received from House SJ649
HCR 3025 Received from House SJ649
HCR 3030 Committee report SJ656
HCR 3032 Committee hearing SJ575
HCR 3032 Committee report SJ656
HCR 3033 Committee hearing SJ575
HCR 3033 Committee report SJ656
HCR 3034 Committee hearing SJ575
HCR 3037 Committee hearing SJ575
HCR 3038 Committee hearing SJ575
HCR 3040 Received from House SJ649
HCR 3043 Received from House SJ649
HCR 3047 Received from House SJ649
SCR 4004 President signed SJ649
SCR 4005 Amendment adopted SJ650
SCR 4005 Passed SJ650
SCR 4006 Failed SJ651
SCR 4009 President signed SJ649
SCR 4012 Laid over SJ650
SCR 4017 President signed SJ649
SCR 4022 Laid over SJ650
SCR 4023 President signed SJ649
SCR 4028 Laid over SJ650
SCR 4040 Amendment adopted SJ650
SCR 4040 Second reading SJ650
SCR 4040 Passed SJ650
SCR 4056 Committee report SJ654
SCR 4058 Introduced SJ656