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Legislative Day 23 February 06, 2003

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1026 Failed HJ361
HB 1030 Committee report HJ364
HB 1035 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1043 Committee hearing HJ29
HB 1049 Passed HJ361
HB 1054 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1077 Committee report HJ364
HB 1103 Committee report HJ364
HB 1111 Passed HJ362
HB 1147 Failed HJ362
HB 1162 Committee report HJ364
HB 1172 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1190 Committee report HJ364
HB 1193 Committee hearing HJ125
HB 1193 Committee report HJ364
HB 1199 Committee report HJ364
HB 1203 Failed HJ363
HB 1204 Committee report HJ364
HB 1206 Passed HJ363
HB 1207 Committee hearing HJ93
HB 1208 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1215 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1217 Passed HJ357
HB 1217 Reconsider HJ358
HB 1217 Rereferred HJ358
HB 1246 Passed HJ358
HB 1252 Committee report HJ369
HB 1261 Committee hearing HJ181
HB 1261 Committee report HJ369
HB 1263 Committee report HJ369
HB 1271 Rereferred HJ369
HB 1275 Committee hearing HJ95
HB 1275 Committee report HJ369
HB 1282 Committee report HJ369
HB 1284 Committee report HJ370
HB 1289 Rereferred HJ356
HB 1295 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1309 Committee report HJ370
HB 1321 Committee report HJ370
HB 1327 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1338 Passed HJ358
HB 1339 Committee hearing HJ112
HB 1341 Committee hearing HJ112
HB 1348 Passed HJ359
HB 1353 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1356 Amendment adopted HJ355
HB 1369 Committee report HJ370
HB 1375 Failed HJ359
HB 1378 Laid over HJ356
HB 1381 Failed HJ360
HB 1391 Passed HJ356
HB 1392 Request return from committee HJ356
HB 1392 Rereferred HJ356
HB 1394 Passed HJ357
HB 1395 Committee hearing HJ148
HB 1395 Committee report HJ372
HB 1396 Committee report HJ372
HB 1400 Passed HJ360
HB 1402 Request return from committee HJ356
HB 1402 Rereferred HJ356
HB 1403 Committee hearing HJ149
HB 1405 Committee hearing HJ149
HB 1407 Committee report HJ372
HB 1410 Committee hearing HJ150
HB 1410 Committee report HJ372
HB 1413 Committee report HJ372
HB 1414 Committee report HJ372
HB 1420 Committee hearing HJ151
HB 1424 Request return from committee HJ356
HB 1424 Rereferred HJ356
HB 1429 Committee report HJ373
HB 1431 Rereferred HJ373
HB 1433 Committee hearing HJ152
HB 1433 Committee report HJ375
HB 1437 Committee hearing HJ152
HB 1442 Committee hearing HJ153
HB 1443 Committee hearing HJ153
HB 1444 Passed HJ357
HB 1445 Request return from committee HJ356
HB 1445 Rereferred HJ356
HB 1447 Committee report HJ375
HB 1448 Committee hearing HJ153
HB 1453 Committee hearing HJ154
HB 1456 Committee hearing HJ154
HB 1457 Committee report HJ375
HB 1458 Request return from committee HJ356
HB 1458 Rereferred HJ356
HB 1462 Committee report HJ375
HB 1465 Committee hearing HJ155
HB 1470 Committee hearing HJ155
HB 1471 Passed HJ413
HB 1476 Committee report HJ375
HB 1479 Committee report HJ375
HB 1480 Passed HJ361
HB 1488 Committee hearing HJ157
HB 1492 Committee hearing HJ157
HB 1493 Committee hearing HJ157
HB 1495 Committee report HJ375
HB 1503 Introduced HJ355
SB 2145 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2146 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2178 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2182 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2214 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2228 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2231 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2243 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2256 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2262 Received from Senate HJ364
SB 2339 Received from Senate HJ364
HCR 3005 Committee report HJ375
HCR 3016 Committee report HJ375
HCR 3017 Committee report HJ376
HCR 3035 Committee report HJ376
SCR 4007 Received from Senate HJ364