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Legislative Day 29 February 13, 1997

House Measure Actions
Measure Action Journal Page(s)
HB 1067 Committee report HJ387
HB 1068 Committee report HJ390
HB 1340 Committee report HJ391
HB 1364 Committee report HJ390
HB 1373 Committee report HJ391
HB 1376 Committee report HJ391
HB 1459 Committee report HJ391
SB 2015 Introduced (emergency) HJ386
SB 2024 Committee hearing HJ151
SB 2038 Committee hearing HJ151
SB 2113 Introduced HJ391
SB 2148 Introduced HJ392
SB 2152 Received from Senate HJ403
SB 2197 Introduced HJ392
SB 2213 Received from Senate HJ403
SB 2232 Received from Senate HJ403
SB 2294 Introduced HJ392
SB 2365 Introduced HJ392
SB 2393 Introduced HJ392
HCR 3041 Introduced HJ391
SCR 4016 Introduced HJ392